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Republic of Verdigris
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Montgomery County KS, Wilson County KS, Chautauqua County KS, Elk County KS, Washington County OK, Nowata County OK
The nation of Verdigris is in orange. De jure territory is in dark orange, while claimed but not administered territory is in beige.
Anthem "Land of the Hills and Prairie"
Capital Independence
Largest city Independence
Other cities Caney, Sedan, Longton, Neodensha, Fredonia, Dewey, Nowata, Bartlesville
Language English
Secular State
  others Methodist, Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, other Christian denominations.
Ethnic Groups
  others Native American, Black
Demonym Verdigrisian
President Tim White
Population approximately 100,000 
Currency Barter, US Dollar


During the founding of Verdigris, several names were put forth for the new republic such as Montgomery, the former county that the largest city was located in and Independence, the name of the city itself. These ideas were quickly abandoned, due to possible confusion with other areas in the former United States. In the end, Verdigris, a local river's name was decided upon because of the proximity of the river to most of the major towns in the nation such as Independence, Coffeyville, Fredonia, and Neodesha. Indeed, almost the entire nation was to lay within the watershed of the river making the name an obvious choice.

The word "Verdigris" itself is derived from the French words vert, meaning "green" and gris, meaning "gray". The name is almost certainly a reference to the river's green-gray coloration.


Map of the Verdigris River Watershed.


See History of Verdigris



Tim white

Current President of Verdigris, Tim White in 2014.

Verdigris is a democratic republic, with a set up similar to the former United States, removing the electoral college and other cumbersome bureaucracy.

Executive Branch

The executive branch is headed by the President, who is assisted by a Vice President. They each serve a four-year term, and may run for three terms, consecutively or otherwise.

Instead of using the electoral college, the nation is divided into several voting districts, and the candidate with the most votes wins.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is

Judicial Branch




Wheat is the most grown food. Other foods that are grown are corn, soybeans, beans, peanuts, sunflowers, oats, pecans, rye, grain, and hay.



Verdigris has a small military for defense and external security as well as a police and security force for internal security and a reserve for the active military.

The main branches of the military are the Army and the National Guard.

The Army has 2000 soldiers. They are divided up into a dragoon battalion (semi-mounted) and a cavalry battalion (fully mounted), each with 1000 men, and again divided into ten companies of 100 personnel, with small units armed with machine guns, and some other light weapons unit. A majority of the arms used have been scavenged from abandoned military bases or purchased from the reformed United States. They operate no armored forces due to the cost, though horses have taken the place of armor for the most part. Indeed, one could mistake a Verdigrisian soldier for an 1800s era cowboy, except for the modern weapons that the soldier carries. Naval operations on one of the nation's various rivers are handled by the Army, which operates ten boats.


Two Verdigrisian dragoons on patrol.

The National Guard is a reserve force for the Army. All males between the age of 18 and 35 are considered a part of the Guard and are required to perform Guard service for one weekend per month and a continuous week per year. Services are staggered to prevent mass depopulation of jobs on certain days.

The Air Force has around 50 pilots. Cessna’s manufacturing facility in Independence, Kansas, produces the majority of Cessna single-engine aircraft including the 172 Skyhawk, the 182 Skylane, the 206 Stationair and the all-composite TTx. Most of the aircraft are purchased by Texas, the United States, Lincoln, and Utah. The facility produced approximately one aircraft a day. There are about 18 aircraft built at the moment.

There are 70 police officers and 50 security members. Most use weapons scavenged from police stations in the region and SWAT units. Typically, police officers are armed with either the Browning Hi-Power handgun, or the S&W Model 15, a nightstick, and equipped with handcuffs. The security officers have an assortment of weapons including M16 assault rifles, Remington Model 870 shotguns, H&K MP5 submachine guns.

In addition, 14 aircraft are grounded in Coffeyville Municipal Airport and Independence Municipal Airport. Though most of them have been grounded since Doomsday, two aircraft, a scout and cargo plane, both operated by the military have been flown infrequently since the mid-2000s.


A majority of military equipment used by the armed forces has been scavenged from abandoned military bases, and converted civilian equipment. To keep common ammunition, the government has attempted to keep units armed with weapons using the same caliber or gauge, simplifying supply chains.

There are some light, medium and heavy machineguns in use, scavenged over the decades or discovered by scouts. These weapons are mainly used in support roles, but are attached to towing equipment, and a wheeled sled for cavalry to utilize in support.

Sabers and other bladed weapons are commonly used by cavalry and most foot soldiers are issued bayonets. Some are issued hatchets as tools as well as weapons.

Small quantities of explosives, mainly Molotov cocktails and gas bombs are used. There are some grenades manufactured using gunpowder and steel casings.





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