Alternative History

One of the only PODs thus far worked out for this timeline is that what in OTL is known as North and South America are known as North Columbia and South Columbia respectively. Otherwise, other PODs are not yet worked out.

  • Current date is 1938
  • Aerodynes have yet to be developed, and thusly all aeronautics involve what are known as aerostats or airships.
  • Due to my inactivity and after much thought, I am at the moment quite unsure as to whether this truly belongs here at the Alternate History Wiki, or as a setting for a story.

Nations of the World

Great Powers

Kingdom of Britannia
German Empire
Kingdom of Gallia
Russian Empire
Kingdom of Italia (Via Latina)
Austrian Empire

Second-rank Powers

Empire of Japan
Mid-Columbian Empire
Kingdom of Hispania
Republic of Francia
The Sinitic Empire
The Republic of China

Minor Powers

Kingdom of Dacia
Kingdom of Ireland
Republic of Ireland
Kingdom of Thracia
Kingdom of Lusitania