Alternative History
Vice Chancellor of the
United Cygnian States
Richard Marles 2012.jpg
Richard Marles

since 3 January 2021
Style The Honourable (official)
Vice Chancellor (informal)
His/Her Excellency (diplomatic)
Appointer The President
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Eric Harrison
Formation 3 January 1949
73 years ago
Salary £250,000 annually
Website Vice Chancellor Richard Marles

The Vice Chancellor of the United Cygnian States is the third-highest position in the executive branch of Cygnia, after the President and Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor is conventionally the Deputy Leader of the governing party, and serves a four-year term of office. The Vice Chancellor would normally ascend to the Chancellorship in the event of the death, resignation or removal of the Chancellor. The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Cygnia assists and organises the Vice Chancellor's official functions.

The 18th and current officeholder, Richard Marles, took office on 3 January 2021 alongside Chancellor Anthony Albanese following the Cygnian Labour Party's re-election to government in 2020 federal election.


The Vice Chancellorship until 1949 was not an official position, as there is no mention of the office in the first Imperial Constitution of Cygnia. Upon the death, disability or removal from office of the incumbent Chancellor, Congress was empowered to elect an officer to serve as Acting Chancellor until the President appointed a new head of government. In practice, however, the Vice Chancellorship evolved as a more practical alternative for cancellarial succession. This was demonstrated following the assassination of Harrison Redford in 1854, when Congress elected his Vice Chancellor, Hunter Alston, as Acting Chancellor — an appointment that was later confirmed by Queen Victoria.

The 1948 Constitution formalised the Vice Chancellorship in Article Two, Section 5, which states that "in case of the removal of the Chancellor from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice Chancellor shall become Chancellor."

Roles of the Vice Chancellor

The Constitution limits the formal powers and role of the Vice Chancellor to becoming Chancellor, should the Chancellor become unable to serve. Other statutorily granted roles include membership of the National Security Council. The Vice Chancellor often also holds other ministerial portfolios in the Cabinet, such as that of the Treasurer or Foreign Minister.

List of Vice Chancellors

The following individuals have been officially appointed as Vice Chancellor of Cygnia since the office was created in 1948:

     Labour      National
# Portrait Name
Term of Office Political Party Chancellor
Took Office Left Office
1 Eric Harrison
Member for Wentworth
3 January 1949 3 January 1957 National Robert Menzies
2 HaroldHoltPortrait1953.jpg Harold Holt
Member for Higgins
3 January 1957 3 January 1965 National
3 Sir John McEwen.jpg John McEwen
Member for Murray
3 January 1965 17 December 1967 National Harold Holt
Vacant 17 December 1967 10 January 1968 John McEwen
(3) Sir John McEwen.jpg John McEwen
Member for Murray
10 January 1968 5 February 1971 National John Gorton
4 Doug Anthony
Member for Richmond
(born 1929)
5 February 1971 3 January 1973 National
William McMahon
5 Lance Barnard
Member for Bass
3 January 1973 31 August 1975 Labour Gough Whitlam
(4) Doug Anthony
Member for Richmond
(born 1929)
31 August 1975 3 January 1985 National Malcolm Fraser
6 Lionel Bowen
Member for Kingsford Smith
3 January 1985 4 April 1990 Labour Bob Hawke
7 Paul Keating 1996 Debate.jpg Paul Keating
Member for Blaxland
(born 1944)
4 April 1990 3 June 1991 Labour
8 Brian Howe
Member for Batman
(born 1936)
3 June 1991 20 June 1995 Labour
Paul Keating
9 Kim Beazley.jpg Kim Beazley
Member for Swan and Brand
(born 1948)
20 June 1995 3 January 1997 Labour
10 Tim Fischer
Member for Farrer
(born 1946)
3 January 1997 20 July 1999 National John Howard
11 John Anderson
Member for Gwidyr
(born 1956)
20 July 1999 6 July 2005 National
12 Mark Vaile
Member for Lyne
(born 1956)
6 July 2005 3 January 2009 National
13 Julia Gillard.jpg Julia Gillard
Member for Lalor
(born 1961)
3 January 2009 30 July 2012 Labour Kevin Rudd
14 Treasurer Wayne Swan, 2009, crop.jpg Wayne Swan
Member for Lilley
(born 1954)
30 July 2012 3 January 2013 Labour Julia Gillard
15 Warren Truss
Member for Wide Bay
(born 1948)
3 January 2013 18 February 2016 National Tony Abbott
Malcolm Turnbull
16 Julie Bishop 2014.jpg Julie Bishop
Member for Curtin
(born 1956)
18 February 2016 3 January 2017 National
17 Tanya-plibersek2015.jpg Tanya Plibersek
Member for Sydney
(born 1969)
3 January 2017 3 January 2021 Labour Julia Gillard
18 Richard Marles 2012.jpg Richard Marles
Member for Corio
(born 1967)
3 January 2021 Incumbent Labour Anthony Albanese