State of Victoria
Flag of Victoria (Australia) Coat of Arms of Victoria
Flag Coat of arms
Nickname(s): The Education State
The Garden State
Motto(s): Peace and Prosperity
Official language(s) English
Demonym Victorian
(and largest city)
Area Ranked 12th
 – Total 237,659 km2
Population Ranked 3rd
 – Total 19.076 million
Before statehood Port Phillip District,
New Albion
Admission to Federation 5 September 1860 (10th)
Governor Linda Dessau
Premier Daniel Andrews (L)
Legislature Parliament
 – Upper house Legislative Council
 – Lower house Legislative Assembly
Senators Raff Ciccone (L)

Derryn Hinch (J)
Richard Di Natale (G)

Kimberley Kitching (L)
House delegation List
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10)
Abbreviations VA
Internet TLD .va

Victoria, officially the State of Victoria, is one of the eastern states of Cygnia. It borders New Albion to the north, Avon to the west, and Tasmania over the Bass Strait to the south, with the Tasman Sea to the east. Victoria's state capital and largest city is Melbourne. Victoria is at 19 million residents the 3rd-most populous state in the Union, after New Albion and Carolina. It is also the 12th-largest state at 237,659 km2.

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