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Campaigns of Southeast Asia

Victoria ordered troops to seize the East Indies and French Indochina. Armies from India and Canada marched into Dutch territory. Soldiers were clever and had bombs beneath the battlefield so they could explode anything in its path. Edmund ordered 50 thousand soldiers to siege the capital, but the Dutch gave up their hold on Southeast Asia without the final battle. Edmund had plantation companies started to get spices. As they went to Indochina, the French started to attack. Victoria ordered a group of soldiers to fire meter-long missiles to the soldiers. Soon, the British won every battle against the French. Soon, unable to get supplies blocked by British warships. they surrendered. All of Southeast Asia came to British control. Edward soon had a new army to take over the Americas.

Takeover on the Americas

British troops were supplied with new technology than the Americans. The South and Central American colonies were still under Spanish control. Huge cannons bombed on the capital and then, the president. USA became part of the empire and then Edmund attack Spain and Portugal. Their leaders surrendered and told them they could have their colonies. Without a single war, they had completed control, with Spain and Portugal.

Grab for Africa

When Spain surrendered, Spanish colonies went into their control. Victoria started to attack European countries and make them forcing to give up their hold on Africa. Soon, the countries lived, but their hold on Africa fell to the British. Liberia and Ethiopia as independent countries also became part of their empire.

Fighting in the Middle East

British troops fought old Arabs (in their old culture) in many battles. Janissaries and some desert tribesmen were no match for the Britain's mighty army. Sultan Mahmud II eliminated the Janissaries because they were way to powerful and replaced it with Ottoman musketeers. However, it never stopped the decline. There were still desert tribesmen out and still defeated many times. Sultan Gandahestabulatepeda was overthrown later. In the end, the Turkish Empire, Middle East, and all of the South Asia were conquered.

Conquest of Oceania and Much of the World

Britain wanted to be the greatest power on Earth, so Victoria led an attack on the Northern Europe area with over one million men to the Kingdom of Denmark, two million to Northern Europe, and thirty million to the very Northwest of Russia near the border of present-day Finland. As a result, the invasion was successful, as a result, Britain ruled all of Northern Europe and its other territories. 

Victoria was also looking forward to the Low Countries of Europe and German Rhineland. She led and ten hundred million army led by General Kingston. They fought the Dutch and Belgians and Germans. The invasion again succeeded.

Germany was also forced to give up its colonies and Belgian Congo was annexed to Britain.

Their invasion of Spain and Portugal was a bigger blast. The remaining nine hundred million fores from the conquest of the Low Countries and Rhineland. Spanish and Portuguese forces tried to stop it but were completely outnumbered. The army also invaded southeast France and Italian province of Nice, and Monaco. As a result, France was to give up its colonies and Monaco to Britain, and Spanish and Portuguese territories also annexed to Britain. European Africa had been under British control, though Liberia and Ethiopia were independent, so they took control of them.

British control on all five continents mean Britain equals world power. Meanwhile, Victoria was looking forward to control all of the Indian Ocean Rim Asian Countries. They did control colonies in Asia owned by other European powers. So they took over the whole Middle East, Siam, Nepal, and Bhutan. China agreed to give Tibet, the Xi River Delta, Taiwan, Hainan, and Cheju to British claim, but still under Chinese rule.

Japan agreed to control the islands (except the four largest ones) of their control.

Following the Crimean War, the Siberian peninsula which is next to the Beringian Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk with Russia's islands, Crimea, and Southern Southeastern Russia (thus controlling the area of Moldova and all lands bordering the Black Sea and the sea itself), and a part of Northwest Kazakhstan. Britain also conquered the Southern Italy, and all countries in Southeastern Europe to the border of Austria-Hungary.

Britain controlled five continents and much of Asia and Europe, which became the wealthiest nation in the world and the "workshop" of the world.

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