Alternative History

Queen Victoria still lives and her health does not decline. As a result, the British Empire was more powerful, wealthier and bigger than ever.

20th Century[]


1901 Victoria does not die of her declining health and has a higher life expectancy.

Queen Victoria bans segregation due to a rebellion from her concerns about it.

Victoria's fears of a war with Germany had begun to grow. The British government created an alliance with U.S. president. Despite being an isolationist nation, they joined the alliance.

Disputes with the Ottomans and the British in Egypt reached melting point. The British went to war with the Ottomans until 1903 in the British-Ottoman War.

Thanks to Victoria's longer life, the British won the Boer War earlier, forcing the Boers to prison camps dotted around the Union of South Africa. 

The British invaded the Danish Kingdom. Because the Danish army was outnumbered, it became a part of the British Empire.

All the Boers in South Africa were finally wiped out.

1902 The British won many battles against the Ottomans in Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, and Jordan. They have found an ally-Saudi Arabia, who joined Britain in the war to get back territories Arabia lost to the Ottomans. 

The British plan to invade German colonies in Africa and Asia. They led an attack on their colonies with a war scaling through two years.

This year was known as the "Era of Reform", when the British government gave out reforms for the people, including other races they control.

Thanks to the Ear of Reform, tensions in Africa and Asia of war began to cease just a little bit.

The British invade Netherlands, in order to get control of its oil supply and spice plantations. The war ends successfully lasting just one week.

British plans to build a canal through the middle of Siam to create a shortcut. Both nations worked together to build the Kra Canal. British did the left side, Siam did the other.

The Balkan States of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, and Romania allied with Britain against their enemy, the Ottomans. Russia, who believed if they won the war with the Ottomans, they could get territory from them, joined Britain as well.

Persia and Afghanistan allies with the Ottomans to fight against their enemy, Russia.

Britain won German Samoa and German Papua New Guinea after long battles on Germany. They also captured 10,000 submarines from their docks.

1903 The British, the Arabs, the Bulgarians, the Greeks, the Serbians, the Russians, the Albanians, and the Romanians won the war against the Ottomans. After to the Treaty of Constantinople was signed, here are the results:

  • The Ottoman Empire's economy collapsed
  • The Ottomans must give up their territory in the south to Arabia
  • The Ottomans must pay the Balkan countries ten trillion dollars
  • Its territories- Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Mesopotamia all came to the British Empire
  • Persia become a part of the Russian Empire, while Afghanistan became Britain's
  • The armies and navies of the Ottomans were limited
  • The Ottoman Empire becomes a republic known as the country of Turkey
  • Total deaths of the war - five million (three million Ottoman deaths, one million Russian deaths, 300,000 British deaths, 700,000 deaths of the Greeks, Bulgarians, the Albanians, Romanians, and the Serbians)
  • Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Albania, and Romania created an alliance known as the Balkan Alliance. The purpose of this alliance was to defend each other from their enemies-Austria-Hungary and Turkey were the main ones.

While Britain was in war with Germany, the country became weaker. As other results, France used this situation as an advantage to invade all Germany's Rhine lands and the two countries of Belgium and Luxembourg. Germany needs to fight both countries now, and their losing.

Germany knows that their armies need to fight Britain, so they surrendered to France all Rhine territories and paid the county $1 billion. Belgium and Luxembourg were also invaded too, with the Congo to France as well.

Japan rises to power, with the countries of Russia and China most vulnerable to this situation.

1904 Britain finally wins the war on Germany and forces the country to give up the rest of their colonies. Their armies and navies were limited as well. The country also paid Britain $2 billion. Germany's economy soon collapsed because of the two situations.

Britain went to a war with France for French Guyana in their quest to control all of Guyana (they controlled Suriname as well from the Dutch). After a week long war, France was to give up that territory.

Britain invades Portugal in order to get control of its colonies. The invasion was successful after British forces penetrated the country.

Queen Victoria decides to go on a vacation around the world (each five days of staying)- Canada, Guyana, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Portugal.

When Japan starts to attack Russia, they asked the Balkan Alliance for help. While Russia fight the Japanese in the north of Japan, the Balkan Alliance fights in the south of the country. 

The Kra Canal finally completes, after 2 years of building. Ships pass through there as a shortcut to the China Sea. Because of its strategic route to Hong Kong, the canal was acquired by Britain. 

Russia and the Balkan Alliance decide to blockade Japan by sea. Soon, Japan was hopeless. The hardships, the isolation from trade and fishing, and a massive spread of disease that killed 5 million people forced the country to surrender. Once the Treaty of Tokyo was signed (the meeting included China), the results were:

  • Japan's army and navy was limited.
  • Japan's economy was ruined.
  • Japan was forced to cease its territories of Korea, Manchuria, and Taiwan to China.
  • Japan was give up south Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands to Russia.
  • Japan must pay half a billion dollars to the Balkan Alliance, $1 billion to Russia, and $10 trillion to China.
  • Russia, Britain and the Balkan Alliance start a fund raising to supply China $40 billion.
  • Japan was forced to give up the island territory to China.
  • China becomes a republic.

The Wright Brothers invented the airplane. It soon became the beginning of aviation. The airplane was used both for war and transportation. Soon, other aviation was developed throughout the years.

After 50 days around the world, Queen Victoria returns to London.

Oil, petroleum, and gas was discovered in Saudi Arabia, which soon created a new economy for Arabia.

The fight against Communists and Nationalists were finally settled. British officials visited Beijing to help settle their disputes. As the Communists took over China, the Nationalist government fled to Taiwan. In other words, Taiwan became an independent republic from China. China agreed to let Taiwan become a nation. Soon, the Great Leap Forward started.

Other places in the Middle East - Persia, Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Bahrain, and Qatar also had gas, petroleum and oil as well. Soon, the booming economies of Britain, Russia, and Arabia began to grow.

China, in a attempt to own stocks and businesses around the world, buys oil, gas, and petroleum fields in the Middle East for altogether $30 billion.  

1905 Britain starts to change its government to a democratic constitutional monarchy. According the government, while the king/queen rules the empire, most of the power actually was controlled by the Senate, created to control the empire with 99 members. The monarch is usually the main lead of the group.

Airports become built around the world thanks to the invention of the airplane. The British build one for Victoria near her palace.

Victoria created the Wildlife Conservation Council (WCC). It helped animals throughout the world as hunting them and making them as pets became illegal.

British troops conquered Central America (except Panama), south Mexico, the Haiti Island, and French Caribbean territory and began to expand their sphere of influence into Mexico.

British made Afghanistan, one of the poorest places of the British Empire, into a mining area. Afghanistan is endowed with a wealth of natural resources, including extensive deposits of natural gas, petroleum, coal, marble, gold, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, precious and semi-precious stones. The British want to make Afghanistan wealthy this way. Other than that, they created irrigation canals and reservoirs all over Afghanistan to provide it with water.

Britain ordered an invasion of Finland to control a large part of the North Sea. They allied with Sweden for help which Britain allied with Russia in the war. After a month long war, Russia took over Sweden while Britain took over Finland. 

Britain was eager to control most of the Mediterranean. Britain then invaded Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Spanish and French Morocco and the Balearic Islands. The invasion was very successful. Italy, France, and Spain signed a treaty with Britain to give them all Mediterranean territory they have. Spain, Italy, and France must pay the taxes of the war as well.

Tierra Del Fuego, an island part of the south of South America, is one of Britain's next targets. They had a war with Chile and Argentina for this territory. Soon, they won the battle. Britain soon got control of the island.   

1906 In the Balkan Alliance, all nations' leaders decided to unite themselves into one nation- Balkan Federation. Under the federation, the leaders are the governors of their countries, while one person was chosen to rule the area.

Calcutta, India, is becoming one of the worlds greatest manufacturing centers of the British Empire. It make textiles, spices, jute rope,  and other products. Its jobs were laundering, housecleaning, sweeping, plastic salvaging, plumbing, furniture making, electrical wiring, TV repair, masonry, messaging, hawking, rickshaw pulling, hair design, folk medicine, music and art, tailoring, leather work, shoe making, and food selling.

Victoria married Sir Andrew after her husband died. After their marriage, Andrew began to provide Victoria with the greatest advice ever.

The British Department of Sciences was set up by Sir Andrew. He wanted to make sure that the learning of science spread the world and hopes someone would make new discoveries.

Baren Countler, an assassin, was to try to kill Queen Victoria. However, when Sir Andrew noticed this, he called the guards and he was arrested. It was one of the many assassination attempts of Queen Victoria.

In order to connect Russia with the U.S., Britain, Russia, and U.S. decided to build a bridge across the Bering Strait. The bridge, called the Bering Strait Bridge, will be the world's longest bridge. According to U.S. officials, the bridge has to built every summer otherwise the winter conditions would kill the workers. The project took at least two years of building. Soon, France, Italy, and the Balkan Federation soon joined the project.

While the Bering Strait Bridge is being built, U.S.A., Britain, Spain, France,  Brazil, and some other nations at the Atlantic decided to build the Transatlantic Tunnel to connect the nations this way. the first path will connect New York, U.S.A., to Aappilattoq, Greenland, to Stavanger, Norway. The second path will lead to from New York., U.S.A., to London, U.K. the third path is from Washington D.C., U.S.A. to Gibraltar, Spain. The fourth path is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Monrovia, Liberia. The fifth path is from Havana, Cuba, to Walivs Bay, Namibia. The fifth path is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Cape Town, South Africa. The sixth path is from Miami, U.S.A., to Calais, France. The seventh path is from Georgetown, Guyana, to Freetown, Sierra Lone. the project will take ten years to complete. However, the building technology must be improved if such structure it going to be built, so an American organization called the American Department of Technology. Its job is to improve on technology so the world would be a better place to live. 

Britain acquires Alaska from U.S.A. for $10 million. Soon, Puerto Rico, a territory of U.S.A., becomes it s next state. Alaska did not became a part of Canada. With its control of Alaska, they got the source of oil. Despite this great job, only a few people live here.

Britain wanted to expand their economy by controlling the banana plantations of Cuba. A clever plan was made to conquer it. Britain conquers Cuba after a week long blockade on sea.

There were many races and religions in the Balkan Federation. There were many disputes. Soon, they started to reach melting point. This started the Balkan Civil War. This tears the whole country apart. At least over 4,560,000 were refugees that fled to Russia fro complete protection as possible. 

1907 After at least 203 years of British rule from 1704, Gibraltar is finally given back to Spain. The Treaty of Gibraltar is signed so Spain can get control on the city again.

Knowing they wanted to be the top controller of the Pacific, they invaded French territories of the Pacific including French Indochina. The war took at least 2 years of finishing.

The Balkan Civil War finally ends. the government decided to give more freedom in the country on races and religion. the country soon became the Democratic Republic of the Balkan. The country began to create an organization called the Black Hand. This organization included a group of spies, and their mission was to protect the country against Austria-Hungary, their main enemy. Its other purpose was to protect the Balkan president as well, and to protect the Russian emperor, who Russia is their ally.

Britain won all territories in the Pacific. They're still working in French Indochina. Unfortunately, their siege blockade on the waters wasn't very successful because of French fleet forces breaking their lines. Britain still doesn't give up, but asks U.S.A. to send 12,000 soldiers and a fleet of 1,000 ships.

The Bering Strait Bridge is finally complete, linking North America and Asia once again. It has become the world's largest, widest, tallest, and strongest suspension bridge ever built. The bridge can take cars, subway trains, and oil, gas, and petroleum pipelines as well. The bridge is very strong made out of diamond-tough concrete. It was created by the American Department of Technology, which was to hold the bridge the strongest. It is only open during the summer, otherwise the temperatures during the winter might kill people.

The next earthquake takes place in Kingston, Jamaica. At least 1,000 people were killed during the quake.

China's economy becomes rank in second in wealth and power. Britain loans an investment to China, hoping for its economy to increase.

Britain gets control of Belgium from France. Mostly because the army. Some of its troops must fight in Indochina. This helped the British win faster. After the war, France was forced to give away Belgium and the Congo colonies in Africa.

U.S.A. finishes their paths of the Transatlantic Tunnel. Only a few countries are still building it. The Transatlantic Tunnel has safety technology no other tunnel has ever. Soon, with it, in case of emergency, people can escape.

France was forced to give a colony in mainland China to Britain.

The Democratic Republic of the Balkan goes on a border war with Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary had been rivals for years. In order for the Balkans to halt their rise, they declared war to seize some of their territory. Another border war was happening in Turkey. Knowing to drive the Turks out of Europe, they declared another war with them. Russia joins the Balkans in the wars with the Austrians and the Turks too, knowing they want to expand their empire as well.

1908 France destroys many British army bases. France allied with Spain to help them in the war. At first, Britain was losing the war, until 1908.

The French recapture many Indochinese cities captured by Britain.

After Sir Andrew dies, Victoria decides to marry William Howard Taft, the 27th president of U.S.A. After their marriage, U.S.A. became a part of Britain. Since the marriage, people began to call this "a republic marrying into an empire is just nothing but a coincidence". Ever since they got control, all of its territories also became part of the empire as well.

Britain begins an invasion of Mexico. They fought in Mexico City, but soon in other places. After many victories, Mexico was a part of their empire, but Britain wanted more territory. They ordered an invasion of the French Caribbean islands. Their armies were so small that it was annexed into the empire quickly. For the first time in history, one empire has an control of a single continent.

Britain wanted to get control of South America and begin a blockade surrounding over a million miles. They did on land too, Guyana and the southern border of Panama. Soon, starvation and disease invaded South America. Finally, they surrendered.

With Britain complete control of the Western hemisphere, they wanted to control most of the Pacific too. The British gave China $1 trillion for their island territory. Naval bases were created all around to protect their islands. 

Britain creates an alliance with Saudi Arabia and Siam, hoping they'll help them in the war against France for Indochina. 

France has to fight all three nations. With the lack of troops to fight the British and for them to fight Arab and Siam soldiers, the tide for the French turns.

Britain go onto a war with Italy for their African colonies. The British won several battles in Italian Somaliand and Libya. Soon, the government gave up. All of their colonies was to come to the British Empire along with the taxes they have to pay too.

The British capture an area called Cambodia. Phnom Penh was captured from the French. 

France starts to loose the war against the Britain.   

1909 France finally gives up in the war in Indochina. As a result, the Treaty of Paris was signed. Soon, the results were:

  • France and Spain must give up all of its colonies to Britain.
  • France and Spain must pay Britain's war reparations.
  • Britain became the most dominant in Africa.
  • Siam and Saudi Arabia, two allies of Britain during the war on France, were abducted to the British Empire after British troops removed their leaders.
  • The war had at least 450,000 deaths.
  • France's and Spain's economies collapsed.
  • Ethiopia and Liberia are still independent.
  • Britain now controls over half of the world.

Britain goes into a war with Ethiopia, who are desperate of controlling the remaining parts of Africa. After a short war, Africa is now controlled by Britain.

The Democratic Republic of the Balkan and Russia won the border war on Austria-Hungary and Turkey. The results were that all southern territories of the Austrian Empire was to come to the Democratic Republic of the Balkan, while the European portion of Turkey came to them as well. With Istanbul in Balkan hands, Ankara became the nation's new capital. Eastern Turkey was given to Russia, and the Northwest territories of Austria-Hungary, which was half of it itself. Turkey was in ruins due to the war situation. Poverty dotted the country, thousands die of starvation and disease, and is forced to give tributes to the Democratic Republic of the Balkan and Russia.

The Democratic Republic of the Balkan's top organization, the Black Hand, was given a mission to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand from becoming Austria's next emperor. However, there were many failures on doing so until 1914.

China begins the Great Leap Forward, a progress to rise into their greatest industry, despite being the third richest nation in the world in wealth per capital and GDP (after Britain and Russia). Tibetan villagers, Chinese nomadic tribes, and farmers were called from their homes to work in the industry. This cause great famines. At least one million people die each year from hunger. The Great Leap Forward lasted until 1914.

Mao Zedong was elected president. He turned the country into a huge economic machine and began turn China into a arsenal of industry. His goal was to make China the world's greatest economic power, but because it is ranked in second place, with the British Empire in the lead, China began to use $4 trillion dollars to take over industries to become the greatest economy in the world. They had stocks all over the world, and they were in the hunt for the world's natural resources. Before the Russo-Japanese Conflict, China was a poor country, with only $5 trillion to support themselves. However, since the war, however, at least $41 trillion had been delivered from Europe, and the Chinese were grateful of this, and began to live in a better life. In 1910, when Mao Zedong stepped to the tower of power, he wanted China the world's greatest power in economy in order to rival Britain's.

The European Union was set up to replace the Western Union. The union's job was for nations to discuss about things and how to solve them.

China believes it could control any weather. Over a thousand tons of chemicals were sprayed into the clouds. This caused at least five inches of snow. The water from it was so valuable, that it was needed. But other than that, Britain began to use it too to help create rain or snow in dry areas. The chemicals were really cheap.


In 1911, Mao Zedong used $4 trillion to buy stocks, companies and even parts of land. In January 1st, the government bought oil and gas stocks from Britain's Middle East colonies. They wanted it to produce electricity for their cities and the country side. For this, the Chinese paid Britain 50 billion dollars for this. At least 45 billion was paid to Russia for oil fields in Iran, Central Asia, and Siberia. Soon, Shanghai started to build many oil tankers to carry their oil into China. the country soon created power plants and even discovered oil and gas on their own, but also coal. As plants were set up nationwide, thousands people with little job started to come to the plants and began the mass working of electricity. 2 months later, the government wanted gold for themselves due to the lack of it in China. They find out that the Union of South Africa and Australia and a lot of gold and China could use some of that. China paid at least $1 trillion for a third of Britain's gold mines in South Africa and Australia. That way, the Chinese can hire people to mine them. At least $3 trillion from the mines in just four months supplies China with lots of money. As China wanted other metals from France, 500 billion dollars were paid to them. And over 120 million came to work there. During that time, China's need for rubber, iron, timber, and many other resources led to China's stock world wide. At least 1000 stocks are dotted all over the world. Rubber from Brazil, timber from Canada, wool and cotton from Australia, iron and copper from India, and there were so many other place China's power of economy finally reached the top. This was a part of China's Great Leap Forward. For farming, miles of canals were built in the Talkimakan Desert create farms, reservoirs, and even settlements. China discovered some of their resources in their own country. Many country people in China who are poor moved to the cities for better jobs and more money. As China's economy went to the top, so did tourism. Many people wanted to visit China because of its splendid sights. Also, many people wanted to go to work there as well. The government wanted fresh water for everybody, however, droughts had made this difficult. Chinese scientists had created chemicals which soldiers sprayed it into the air. Soon, this gave at least one inch of snow in China. This helps people to give fresh water. However, China's growing industry has created problems. First of all, it is the pollution. China has created poisonous air, and polluted the water. As a result, this is becoming an increasing problem. So as a result, the government wanted to stop spilling wastes into rivers and seas. the country created fuel cell, diesel, and ethanol, which provided power to a fourth China. Soon, China became the greatest economic power in the world.

The Democratic Republic of the Balkan had a total of one thousand assassination failures. The Black Hand is still not to give up. They have got until three years until Ferdinand becomes the emperor.

Britain wanted the empire to be stable when it comes to different races. Because the empire had the most races, it is hard to keep track on the situations of races. The government created the British Department of Human Races and the British Department of the Future of the British Empire. Their jobs were to help keep the empire stable and make sure it does not tear apart.

William Howard Taft dies of an illness. Victoria was so sad that she wore a black dress until she found a new love. In 1912, that would be so.

Great Britain becomes renamed the United Kingdom, or U.K. The reason it was called U.K. is because of the four countries- England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, who become together to form this.

Russia goes on a border war with the Germans, their main enemy in Europe. The war's purpose was to take over Eastern Prussia from the Germans. It went on throughout the year, and also was a part of World War 1. It ended in just seven years, with a result of Russia gaining lands from the Germans. During the first years of the war, Russia only won a few victories. The advance was quick in 1912. Meanwhile, the Tsar made more reforms for the people, and tried to help them out and their problems as possible.

Britain controls and island called Cheju. An island south of Korea, it was Japan's last base. The British went on a war with them to seize the island. It ended in 1912.   

British armies captured Japanese bases all over Cheju. They allied with the Chinese to help them out for the war in Cheju. The British also tried to blockade Japan by blocking Hokkaido, and Shikoko. Japan led in navies to battle their blockade, but plans for that failed.

Due to coal, gas, oil, and petroleum supply crisis in Britain, they invented new sources of energy. Britain created windmills all over the empire and solar panels as well. they provide good sources of energy. They won't stop there however, they are creating hybrid cars that can go through 120 miles an gallon. They created parks and buildings that people can farm in with the covering is clear glass. Abu Dubai, one of the many cities controlled by Britain, is in a big improvement for this mission. Other projects Britain made helped their crisis. Soon, by 1914, at least 5 hundred million tons of CO2 are reduced. of all the green colonies, Australia and Canada were the least emission spewers of the empire. 

The Democratic Republic of the Balkan moves the capital, originally Belgrade, Serbia, to Athens, Greece. The president moved here so he could see Athen's old sites there. The government tried to help preserve the Parthenon, in ruins. They wanted to preserve national areas so people could look at them as the years past. pollution has endangered this, so when this discovery was revealed, they started to kick out over one million cars off the nation.

1912 The British had finally conquered Cheju from Japan. They made Cheju a military base and a good fishing island. Soon, its economy was based from the sea and tourism (mostly).

Albert Einstein moves to London knowing that the British Empire is wanting for the top scientists for the British Department of Sciences. When he came and joined the group, he was ranked in 1st in "The Top Most Intelligent People of the British Department of Sciences". In this organization, Albert Einstein and other top scientists are in a mission for sciences an inventions.

Marie Curie, a woman in France, moves herself and her family to Russia to provide it with the best weapon. She introduced the Dirty Bomb to Russia. They believed that this will help them in the war on Germany. 

Russia begins using the bomb and won a few territories from Germany.

Britain invades the French territory of Luxembourg. 

Britain creates the largest fleet in the world. It was the greatest industrial power in all time.

Victoria dies.