Alternative History

The Vietnam War was a conflict from 1959 to 1972, between the Communist North and the anti-Communist South. They were allied and supported by the Soviet Union and United States respectfully. The conflict did not bode well for the United States, and plagued by insecurities at home pulled out of the region in '72. The two Vietnamese sides were rejoined the following year, with a full Communist government that continues to this day.

Protests against United States involvement[]


Many protesters were arrested under legislation regarding membership and/or support for Militant Pacifist organisations

As the years went by, the conflict was facing harsher criticisms in the US of their own armed forces and their ability to win the war. Many protesters were spurred on by the Draft and what they believed to be an immoral war. The opposition was particularly galvanised by the student society, who organised much of the protests that grew as the war dragged on. Government reaction to these protests were timid at first, but as the strength and size of the protests grew questions of Militant Pacifist organisations involvement also started to ferment. Suggestions that these organisations were using public anger against the war to promote their own ideals led to many conflicts between police and protesters, leading to dozens of deaths throughout the period.

Ultimately, regardless of whether these organisations were involved in the growing resentment for the war, it would affect both the '68 and '72 presidential elections despite the US withdrawing in the early part of '72.

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