Kingdom of Vinland
Timeline: The Unexpected Kingdom
Vinland flag Vinland CoA (The Kalmar Union).svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Vinland (TUK)
Location of Kingdom of Vinland

We all Inherit the Sins of our Fathers

Capital Jannestad
Largest city Toronto
Other cities Jannestad, Mossem, Althold, Montreal
Language Vinnish
Religion Protestant Christianity
Ethnic Groups
North Germanic, Norse
  others English, French, Spanish, Native American, German, Italian
Legislature Constitutional Monarchy
King Sigurd Alstad
  Royal house: Alstad
Population 250,543,223 (2015 Estimate)
Currency Vinnish Dollar
Organizations NATO, NAFTA, VATA
 The Kingdom of Vinland, commonly known as Vinland is a Sovereign state the covers the entirety of the Northern portions of North America. It is the Largest nation on the Continent is a nation of Primarily Norse/ North Germanic descent.

The Kingdom of Vinland was once a collection of settlements established on Greenland and Canada by the Norse Vikings and eventually other settlers that eventually following the loss of contact with Europe and their Norse ancestors became an independent kingdom that experienced large amounts of growth, development, and exploration following the various dynasties and Warring kingdoms period. In 1776 the nation along with its southern neighbor became independent of the British empire following over 100 years of rule following first contact in the early 1600's.

Vinland is one of the worlds most powerful nations and Is one of the most powerful and well known Contributors to NATO The World Trade Organization and is involved in heavy economic cooperation with the United States to maintain their positions as the worlds Greatest Economies.



The Kingdom of Vinland covers the entirety of the Northern portions of the North American continent and even controls the Formerly Russian settled Alaska and is the Worlds Second largest nations Behind the Russian Federation.



The Executives of the Vinnish government are the Monarch and the Prime Minister (following the British example) that manage the executive portions of their government such as law enforcement, leading foreign policy, and being the Governmental leaders of the military. The Executive branch also hosts foreign visits and is the prime directive of political negotiation between nations.

Along with this the Monarch maintains the Royal Prerogative which dictates certain powers, delegations, abilities, and immunities that only the monarchy has.


The Monarch shares certain powers with the Prime minster and to a degree is very ceremonial but has considerable influence in the operations of the government and the way politics flows. The Monarchy has been in place since the earlier parts of Vinnish society and removal of this would be nearly impossible to do.

Prime Minister

The Elected prime minister shares powers with the monarch and leads many of the politics of the executive government such as leading the armed forces, political negotiation, as well as Enforcing the laws of the land voted on in the Legislative branches of government.

Executive Cabinet

The Executive Cabinent is an appointed group of advisors to both the Monarch and the Prime minister and is geared towards delegating the powers and things needed which cannot be managed by the Prime minister and the Monarch alone.



Congress is made up of an equal amount of representatives from each state which vote one laws, ratify treaties, formally declare war and write up budgets for the year, and take up the petitions that are written up people which are handled by a separate committee

House of Representatives

The House is based on the relative population of areas and hold the major populational figures of the country when it considers legislation and along with congress shares the burden of passing legislation and addressing public petitions and concerns.


Supreme Court

The Supreme court is the court that upholds and considers the constitutionality of certain laws brought through the Legislation and Executive branches. While the least politically powerful branch the Judicial branch does reserve the right to bring together a majority vote to initiate investigations of both the Legislative and Executive branches of government.

Provincial Court

The Provincial court system is a dedicated and a usually non federal system the handles the majority of normal court cases and settles all legal matters and its highest levels are brought in usually during Governmental inquiries.


The Kingdom of Vinland maintains one of the worlds most well equipped and powerful militaries surpassed only by the United States of America as the Vins took a backseat to the US during the Cold war. The Nations military is made up of 4 branches, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the National Defense force. The NDF are much like a combination of the National Guard and Coast Guard in the US and maintain a semi strong and well trained appearance due to Vinlands increasing Tensions with Various Asian and Middle eastern Nations.

The Vinnish navy maintains a force of 9 carriers less than the US carrier force but is equal to the US in training, equipment, and manpower for Carriers. Close cooperation between the US and Vinland since the end of the First World war has led to an extremely non confrontational stance and for the most part one of the Closest alliances very akin to the developed alliance between Britain and France just prior to WW1.

The Vinnish Military expenditure averages about 400 billion to 500 billion in recent years as following the 1970's began a major program of military buildup justified by heavily increasing tensions between the USSR and Vinland during the Aleutian Crisis. With Vinlands increasing tensions with nations such as the Peoples Republic of China and the Reformed USSR as well as multiple other nations for resource competition Vinland has justified its increasing military expenditure as future defense spending. It even fields the Successful F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter as it jointly developed the project with the American research and development centers. This plane in general however, is limited to both America and Vinland.

The Economy

The Vinnish economy is the Worlds Third strongest economy behind the United States and the European Federation with a GDP of about 12.7 billion. This economy is fueled by abundant natural resources, Large oil industry, Its massive Industrial and Agricultural base are something even the US is surprised at and it maintains a technologically advanced industry and economy that is the Envy of the planet. However its growth compared to the American economy recently has slowed from the 2008 economics crisis in which Vinland contracted significantly in order to maintain its integrity and not sink too far into debt.

Vinland is the worlds second largest producer of Oil with much of its oil coming out of Alaska and Alberta oil sands as well as the multiple oil fields it owns overseas in various countries which were purchased and developed during the 1950's and 1960's. Along with this the Vinnish labor force has a relatively low unemployment rate at about 3% much lower than the US unemployment rate, this is due in part to Vinlands second wave of industrialization which has brought high tech and relatively new and clean factories spurred on by investment to provide various consumer goods for nations such as the United States.

Vinland is part of the Domestic Industry Initiative which is a movement of preventing manufacturing jobs from leaving en masse to nations like Korea, Nations in China, Nations in India, among others and allowing for domestic manufacture of certain products such as computers. This is a major form of regulation and goes hand in hand with the Anti-Corporate Corruption initiative which has led to the arrests and trials of various businessmen over corruption and tax evasion scandals. This also has begun to improve lobbyists for government legislation preventing huge bribery and "congressional buying" which at some points has stalled out the government before.

Science and Technology

Vinlands technology is for the most part on par with Europe and the United States, and benefitted from the huge technological development the Americans brought to its allies just after the Cold war. The Vinnish Technological sector is one that is becoming ever more advanced as it looks for various ways to cure diseases, make manufacturing and other processes easier, and has its own independently administered Internet which does allow for the connection to other internets and is one of 3 nations to have its own independently administered internet.

The Technological power of Vinland advanced greatly during the 1970's thanks to American support and now operates its own independent technological advancement base and has much of this developed pushed on by military development. In a Co-Opt project between Germany, and Vinland a Main-Battle Tank was to be developed and became the Updated Leopard II tank. Since then it has seen multiple iterations all co-developed between the two nations and the German led successor, the European Federation. This development was the first proof that Vinland could develop something outside of US control and now maintains a powerful military industry.

Along with this the Vinnish space Agency has worked in close unison with the EF, the US and built the first Mass Driver in an open site in Eastern Canada. The Province of Colombia is the site of the Mass Driver and has greater changed the way people have uplifted things into space along with supplies and shuttle launches. This ability for cheaper uplift has led to a second generation in early 2000 of manned satellites and space stations and has led to the larger build up of the International Space Station.

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