Virginia (Failed CC)

Kingdom of Virginia
Timeline: Failed Continental Congress
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Flag of Virginia

Flag of Virginia
(and largest city)
Language English
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Established 1821

Virginia comprises, more or less, OTL US states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.


The colonies of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia declared their independence in 1776. The independence was granted in 1783 and in 1787 they formed an alliance, called Coalition of Virginia and the Carolinas, in response to the Columbia Federation.

In 1795, a tariff disagreement with Columbia end up with a dissolution of the non-tariff pact of the Continental Congress. This moved the Coalition states closer as a single nation, in which Viriginia became dominant.

In 1820, the king of Virginia died with no heir. The Virginian parliament elected the South Carolinan king as king of Virginia. In March 1821, North Carolina voted in a referendum to become a monarchy united to the monarchies of Virginia and South Carolina. The union was protacolized in September as a permanent Union with a single Parliament.


The Kingdom of Virginian banned slavery in the Emancipation Act of 1889. Slaves were declared citizens and the owners were paid compensation.



Virginia borders: North: Columbia. West: Louisiana. South: Georgia. East: Atlantic Ocean.

Administrative divisions

The kingdom is divided in Countries. There are six countries:

  1. East Virginia
  2. Indiana
  3. Kentucky
  4. North Carolina
  5. Ohio
  6. South Carolina
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