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Virginian Comics is the premier comics publisher of the entire Southeastern region of the former United States. Its comics are commonly found in city-states in the region. It has gained quite a bit of popularity, and has gained readers outside of the region (though it is difficult to get the comics outside of the region). The company has distinguished itself by its tendency to invent new characters instead of reusing old ones, although there are still a few "classic" characters that are used. Despite the (mostly) original roster of superheroes and supervillains they still enjoy relatively high sales in Virginia and the rest of the East American Alliance.


Virginian Comics was created on May 4th, 2009 by Alexander "Lex" Kent shortly after the Virginian government relaxed its control of the economy. He had a roster of both surviving Marvel and DC comics employees, as well as rookies. To preserve paper, they used (and still use) recycled paper. Though the comics were shipped by normal Virginian postal worker in the developed part of the country, they have to resort to a more "Pony Express" system to get the comics to the less developed parts of the country and the other nations that subscribe to them. They have gained readers in quite a few nations outside of the region as well. The comics are published with an old printing press found in an old abandoned newspaper office in East Virginia.


This describes the pantheon of heroes and Villains created and used by the Virginian Comics company.


  • Deathshead (original) - Immortal sociopath and former Nazi Scientist Sophia Heinrike Strasse. Commanded a concentration camp during WWII, in which she used the "undesirables" as guinea pigs in painful, and commonly deadly, experiments. She escaped Germany before she could be tried for her numerous crimes against humanity. She founded the Werwolves, a neo-Nazi organization that has evolved into the largest crime syndicate still existing in the world. Despite her numerous faults, she is extremely loyal to her adopted brother, the Red Baron and has fought crime on his side on numerous occasions, and the Werwolves have provided information to the Baron on just as many occasions. She also has powers like the Red Baron, though she mostly prefers using only one of them; a form of mind control she uses to get her way. Her weapons of choice are a pair of enormous pistols she built herself.
  • Red Skull (pre-Doomsday) - Johann Schmidt was able to escape Doomsday thanks to the assets of HYDRA, and the assistance of the Werewolves. He has been forced, albeit reluctantly, into a more heroic role after Steve Rogers, the former Captain America, became the villainous Grand Director.
  • Ghost Rider (pre-Doomsday) - Johnny Blaze had easily survived the events of Doomsday in his Ghost Rider form. Now being needed more then ever in the lawless, post-apocalyptic wasteland of the United States, he deals his own brand of justice to the corrupt bandits and raiders who would harm the weak. Consumed by his never ending battle with both humans and demons alike, Johnny Blaze has been spending more and more time in his Ghost Rider form, which could lead to his personality disappearing altogether, leaving only the vengeful demon in its place.
  • Magneto (pre-Doomsday) - Being on Asteroid M in lower Earth orbit during the attacks, Magneto, together with his Brotherhood of Mutants, survived through the nuclear apocalypse. Both amused by humanities decimation, as well as appalled that his one time friend Charles Xavier perished in the attacks, Magneto had grudgingly decided to delay his plans of mutant domination, trying to help all of humanity in the process. This did not sit well with the rest of the Brotherhood, however, as Quicksilver, Magneto's son, led a faction bent on total world domination. Surviving an attempt on his own life, Magneto has traveled to a secluded part of the North Pole, where he has discovered Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Finding the name quite fitting, Magneto has gone into self-induced exile. Reappearing during the events of Ultimate Crisis, what role will Magneto play? That of a hero, or a villain?
  • Namor the Sub-Mariner (pre-Doomsday) - Namor survived Doomsday without much trouble, as he was in Atlantis at the time. He was not surprised by the surface dwellers cataclysmic nuclear exchange, as he had always considered them a violent breed. He left them to their own faith for many years, trying to not cause any attention to Atlantis. However, through the manipulation of Dr. Doom in the late nineties, Namor launched an invasion of the surface world, starting with the ANZ Commonwealth. After a desperate struggle, he was close to achieving a final triumph until Alan Scott revealed that Doom had in fact manipulated him into launching an attack. Enraged, Namor halted the invasion and vowed revenge on Doom. He has not been seen since.
  • Venom (original) - The Venom symbiote was put into stasis by Doomsday.
  • Punisher (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Jason Voorhees (pre-Doomsday) - The almost indestructible Jason Voorhees was killed by Doomsday. The spell that brought him back had some lasting side effects on the killer. With each victim he kills, both his intelligence and appearance get a boost. Slowly but surely, his victims changed from the innocent bystanders he once hunted to primarily the bandits and raiders of the area. Over time the killer changes from a hideous killing machine to a rather-normal looking vigilante. Voorhees retains his supernatural powers. His strength is at least double a normal man's and he has been "killed" repeatedly, only to be revived. However, unlike his pre-Doomsday persona, he has a class ten intellect and has repeatedly proven that he has a conscience. He still wears his trademark hockey mask and wields a machete. He has shown a Macgyver-esque affinity for improvisation. NOTE: As a nod to the pre-Doomsday film series, Jason's appearance has been based on that of actor Richard Brooker, who was the last man to portray Jason in film.
  • Phantom Prowler (original) - Mark Grey was a comic geek from Springwood, Ohio. His friends were not killed by Doomsday, as the small town was not struck. They were killed by the unnatural abilities of the deceased child killer Freddy Krueger. Enraged he adopted the persona of the Phantom Prowler, who was a character of his design. He defeated Krueger and banished him from Springwood (with the help of his surviving friend Alice Johnson). He protects the town of Springwood from Freddy, now known as Dream Master, with the help of his team the Dream Warriors. He does duty as the town's official "Sheriff", and helps repel raider attacks. Fortunately the latter is happening less and less frequently since the Virginians moved into the area.
  • Centurion- Teodoro "Teddy" Bertolucci, the son of the current Sicilian President Giacomo Bertolucci was a patriotic Sicilian man who admired his father. He volunteered to become the "Hero of Sicily". He endured a horrendously painful procedure that increased his strength, speed, endurance and intelligence. He was given a suit of armour that his father commissioned Doctor Doom to build. Visually inspired by uniform of the ancient Roman soldiers, he was christened the "Centurion" and sent to fight in the Second Sicilian War as a morale booster. As time progressed, he slowly started to doubt his government's propaganda. The turning point came when he was ordered to eliminate an entire village to destroy the local resistance cell. He turned on his handlers, and joined the resistance himself. He would end up attempting an assassination of his own father, and fled the country afterwards. He would end up fighting crime on the streets of his one-time enemy, Venice. He has been approached on his joining the new Justice League.
  • Mystique (pre-Doomsday )-
  • Red Hood (original) -
  • Angent X (original) -
  • Monarch (original) -

Horsemen of the Wasteland[]

With Doomsday happened, the legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were left behind. Their jobs seemingly accomplished by mankind itself, the supernatural group soon found themselves wandering the ruined Earth, searching for their new purpose in a world turned upside-down. Despite its dark premise, the adventures of the immortal quartet have been approached with a surprisingly upbeat sense of humour.

  • War (original) -
  • Famine (original) -
  • Pestilence (original) -
  • Death (original) -

Knights of the Order of Kennedy[]

The Order of Kennedy was established by a group of roaming ex-military survivors who rediscovered the ruins of the Kennedy Space Center. Determined to protect the former American base, and the advanced alien technology discovered within, the survivors created the Kingdom of Kennedia to organize the surviving members of the scientists and other base staff. The King established the Order of Kennedy as the elite force protecting the young kingdom from the bandits and villains from the mainland. The Knights are armed with a mix of ancient, pre-Doomsday Human, and Alien technology. The Knights are clad in pre-Doomsday spacesuits enhanced with alien armor and with various Alien weapons and tools built in. For transportation they use similarly enhanced pre-Doomsday space shuttles, which are fueled by a nearly-infinite alien power source.

  • King John (original) -
  • Sir Armstrong (original) -
  • Sir Aldirin (original) -
  • Sir Grissom (original -
  • Sir Conrad (original) -
  • Sir Lovell (original) -

Redemption Squad[]

  • Clayface (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Jack O'Lantern (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Doctor Octopus (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Atomic Skull (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Mysterio (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Red Prophet (pre-Doomsday) -

Legion of the Undead[]

  • Dracula (original) - Vlad "The Impaler" Ţepeș was the infamous vampiric ruler of Wallachia, a principality in former Romania. Was reborn after Doomsday, becoming one of Transylvania's greatest heroes.
  • Gustav DeCobra (pre-Doomsday) -

The Pageturners[]

  • James "Johnnie" Hook:
  • Princess of Hearts:


  • Red Baron (original) - Immortal WW-I flying Ace Manfred von Richtofen. Helps keep the peace in Prussia, though he has been seen everywhere from the Americas to Japan. His plane is just as indestructible as the man flying it. He has superpowers similar to those of the Teen Titans member Raven, and it has been revealed that he is, in fact, her grandfather.
  • Captain Canada (original) -
  • Guardian (original) - James Howlett, better known in pre-Doomsday times as Wolverine, was not present in Westchester as the bombs fell, due to a heated argument with Jean Grey days prior to the attacks. Broken by the loss of his fellow X-Men, James left the wasteland of the United States and moved to what was left of Canada, opting to live a simple life there. Years later he was contacted by the Canadian government, who wished to restart the Alpha Flight. Bored by the simple life of a farmer, the savage Wolverine became the Guardian, becoming a symbol of the Canadian way of life.
  • Screaming Eagle (original) - John Binford Poole was a soldier in the 101st who was experimented on by members of a secret communist sleeper cell known as the Red Faction in order to create super soldiers for an eventual takeover of the Virginian Republic. He was left for dead but found by a rural family and nursed back to health. Once healthy he discovered the experiments left him with the ability to grow and retract a pair of wings allowing flight, as well as a supersonic scream. He returned to the 101st with word of the Red Faction and their plans, as well as his new-found powers. The military immediately classified anything connected to him and equipped him with state of the art body armor and weapons. He was given the codename Screaming Eagle and became the 101st frontline defender against the plans of the Red Faction.
  • The Judge (original) - Harlan Wayne, the first Chief Justice of the Gotham City Supreme Court. He was summoned by black magic spell to punish the bandits and criminals who had overrun the United States of America. His body had long since decomposed, making him a living skeleton. This makes him agile and impervious to any sort of physical harm. His long black judge's robe and gloves are to muffle the clicking sound of his walking. His black "faceless" mask and long judge wig are to disguise his lack of flesh. His favorite weapon is that of an over-sized gavel that he uses as a bludgeoning weapon.
  • Kal-El (pre-Doomsday) - Once one of the greatest heroes of the world, Kal-El has left the mantle of Superman, as he was unable to stop the events of Doomsday, being off-world during the event. Heartbroken by the loss of Lois Lane, as well as many of his fellow heroes, he lives a quiet life as a farmer in the Australian Outback. He has made a few appearances in the comics as a mentor figure for Ultraman, the young clone "son" created shortly after Doomsday.
  • Wonder Woman (pre-Doomsday) - Having survived Doomsday on Paradise Island, Princess Diana of the Amazons quickly set out to help humanity in its darkest hour. Finding most of her friends dead, Diana had Paradise Island closed of from the rest of the world two years after Doomsday. She has rarely ventured off the island ever since and most of the world now regards her and the Amazons as nothing more than a myth.
  • Batman (pre-Doomsday) - Andrei Kyznetsov, a prominent Siberian businessman has adopted the the identity of the Caped Crusader. His parents were killed in a terrorist attack by the Muslim Liberation Army while he was just a boy, and he has vowed to make sure no other child suffers the same fate. He has been sighted in the Virginian Republic numerous times.
  • Elite Guard (original) - Organization consisting of the remains of SHIELD. Lead by Nick Fury, who survived Doomsday by being on the SHIELD Helicarrier at the time. Defends the Virginian Republic from the Red Faction and the Grand Director. Ironically this commonly means allying with the Red Skull, Sophia Strasse and their respective organizations. NOTE: This organization is not to be confused with the real-life Elite Guard, an branch of the 101st whose sole purpose is bodyguard duty.
  • Nova (pre-Doomsday) - Having been in space during Doomsday, Richard Rider returned to a broken world. Feeling guilty for not being there in Earth's time of need, but wanting to help, Richard set vowed to help all of humanity as best as he could. Now a seasoned fighter, he resides in Rio de Janeiro, providing his help for the world, but mostly staying in SAC countries. His base of operations is shown to be a former SHIELD outpost hidden in the hill beneath the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue.
  • Static (pre-Doomsday) - Miguel Bastos, a young courier from Brazil, discovered that he was a mutant when he accidentally hurled a bolt of lightning at a bully in high-school. Since then, he has learned to control his electricity based powers and has become the principal crime fighter of the Brazilian favelas, calling himself Estático (Static).
  • Iron Man (original) - Gabriel Cavalcanti, a successful Brazilian entrepreneur from Brazilia, was amazed by Tony Stark and his inventions from a very early age. At age sixteen, he earned his first million and by the age of twenty, his first billion reals. At that point, he decided to venture into the ruins of Stark Industry locations all around the globe, hoping to find the Iron Man suit and design data, which he did. At first he wanted to mass produce the armor, but after seeing the blatant threat that Quicksilver posed, he entered a new prototype suit and ventured to Rio de Janeiro, where the final battle was taking place.
  • Flash (original) - Bao Nguyen, a poor Vietnamese college student who was accidentally sprayed with electrified chemicals during an electrical storm (in a similar fashion to the pre-Doomsday Flash) in his college lab, became the new Flash. Deciding to help fight crime, he has already been as far as Virginia, helping wherever he went. He would help in the final battle against the Brotherhood of Mutants.
  • Hawkman (original) -
  • Hawkgirl (original) -
  • Dreadknight (pre-Doomsday) - Bram Velsing was a patriotic Latverian scientist who wanted to help his country as best as he could. Following Doomsday he acquired an old suit of Iron-Man armour through the black market. He modified its design with Latverian tech, making it at least 30% stronger than it was originally. Unfortunately he was caught in a lab explosion (that was later confirmed to have been sabotage). He built life-support systems into himself and his armour to save his life. Now incapable of living without at least his chest plate, he fell into a depression, and added a skull-like helmet to his suit, and named himself the Dreadknight after an old Latverian folk tale he grew up with as a child. He was brought out of his depression by Doctor Doom, who officially recognized him as Latveria's first official crime fighter. Despite his loyalty to Doom, it is obvious he genuinely wants to help Latveria. He has been approached to possibly join the new Justice League. It is likely that he will join, as Doom has enthusiastically encouraged his joining, as he sees it as a way to distract the world from his criminal ventures. NOTE: Despite existing before Doomsday, Dreadknight's back story has been retconned for use in Virginian Comics.
  • Ash Williams (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Green Hornet (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Godzilla (pre-Doomsday) -

Teen Titans[]

The Teen Titans survived Doomsday via a portal created by Herald. After surviving in his dimension for over 25 years (only a week passed for them) they returned to a changed world, and a changed location. As San Francisco had been destroyed on Doomsday, the Teen Titans HQ reappeared in the Virginian port of Hopewell.

  • Raven (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Nightwing (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Deadpool (original) -
  • Blackfire (pre-Doomsday) - Komand'r of Tamaran survived Doomsday quite easily, as she hadn't been on the planet on Doomsday. However, despite her rivalry with her sister Starfire, she was devastated when she found out that Starfire was assumed dead. Driven by guilt and shame, she joined the reformed Teen Titans as a memorial to her sister. Over time her personality became more and more like Starfire's (Which is revealed to be a Tamaranean's natural mechanism for coping with the loss of a loved one.). When Starfire was discovered alive, but in a coma, Blackfire rejoiced and while she stopped behaving exactly like Starfire, she decided to continue fighting crime.
  • Starfire (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Red Star (pre-Doomsday) - Survived due to his remote Siberian residence. Briefly helped the Siberians restore the local power before leaving for America. Has been gifted with superior strength, stamina, and the ability to generate radiation. Was mentored in the control of his powers by Radioactive Man. After he heard of Starfire's death, he briefly thinks of assuming his original name (also Starfire), but decided not to as a tribute for the fallen heroine.
  • Jinx (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Ravager (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Spider-Girl (pre-Doomsday) -

Green Lantern Corps As the two brother universes merged, their two respective multiverses started to crumble. Thus the bearer of the Starheart, the original Green Lantern of Earth-Two, Alan Scott, found himself in a desolate world. He would later learn that the year was 1983 and that a nuclear war had occurred. He set out to find Hal Jordan and the other Green Lanterns, but all three had perished helping their fellow man. Alan took all three rings and set off in search of a place he would be needed. He found Superman, distraught after the destruction of the JLA and he accompanied him to Australia. While in Australia, the Guardians of the Galaxy contacted Alan, entrusting him to choose three new Green Lanterns, as they trusted his decision. By 2005, Alan Scott had chosen all three new bearers of the ring and now works together with them and the ANZC government to protect the country, as well as the world:

  • Alan Scott (pre-Doomsday) - The original Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan was transported through time and space from his world's 1940's into the newly created Amalgam Universe's 1983. As of yet, he is the only person aware of the fact that this universe is in fact a merger of two distinct timelines. He has chosen to lead the Green Lantern Corps, defending the ANZC and former U.S. territories.
  • Joshua Nez (original) - An Alaskan Native with a strong sense of duty, he was one of the three chosen by Alan Scott to take up the Green Lantern mantel. He is his second in command and is in charge of looking after former United States territories in the Pacific, as well as Alaska
  • Chloe Wrigley (original) - An Australian national, the first human woman to be a Green Lantern. She is in charge of looking after Australia and Papua New Guinea.
  • Aperahama Brake (original) - A Maori New Zealander who was chosen by Alan Scott to protect New Zealand and surrounding areas. He is the newest and youngest member of the team.

The Reserves[]

An ANZC backup team, which has 30 members with superpowers. Consisting solely of men and women who were administered Pym particles, the Giant Men and Women work as a relief group and help for the Green Lanterns if they ever needed it. Unlike the Green Lanterns, they are prohibited from leaving ANZC sovereign territory and associate territory by international law.

Winter Guard[]

The Winter Guard is an amalgamation of past Soviet superheroes groups. It was organized after the events that occurred on Doomsday. It is a continuation of the Soviet Super-Soldiers team. They have frequently aided Screaming Eagle and the Elite Guard in defeating the Red Faction, due to the Siberian government's disapproval of the Red Faction's methods.

  • Winter Soldier (pre-Doomsday) - Having been sent to Siberia during the events of Doomsday, Alexi Shostakov, the then current Red Guardian was caught in the nuclear blast over Novosibirsk. Clinging to life, he survived the events of Doomsday, losing his arm and earning a distinctive scar on his face in the process. He, alongside Mikhail Ursus, was the only member of the former team to have survived and was the driving force to its renewal. Having been given an advanced prosthetic arm, he leads the team, coordinating their service from Krasnoyarsk, rarely venturing in the field himself.
  • Red Guardian (original) - Anton Shostakov, the son of the Winter Soldier, was the perfect candidate for the next Red Guardian. From birth, Anton was trained in the newly re-established Red Room, being one of its finest graduates. He has also received extensive military training from his father. He is the public face of the team, being a symbol of the USSR's steady renewal.
  • Ursa Major (pre-Doomsday) - Mikhail Ursus was one of the original members of the Soviet Super-Soldier team and after receiving an invitation to join the new team, he readily accepted. Possessing the strength and the likeness of a bear when transformed, he is truly a force to be reckoned with. He is also a mutant rights activist in Siberia. Through his activism, the mutant community in Siberia has slowly started to become a vocal supporter of the government that once tried to enslave them.
  • Darkstar II (pre-Doomsday) - As the former Darkstar, Laynia Petrovna, was killed during Doomsday. Reena Stancioff, one of the best female recruits of the Siberian army, was chosen to possess the darkstar gem, replicating the powers of the original Darkstar. Although frightened by its awesome power, Reena has slowly come to terms with her new-found powers, alleviating crisis after crisis.
  • Radioactive Man (original) - Having witnessed the awesome power of the atom at a very young age, Chen Lu, a Manchurian refugee, decided to dedicate his life to curing radiation sickness, as well as being an adamant advocate of arms reduction. One day, after assuming he had reached a breakthrough in his work, an accident in his research caused the doctor to radiate extreme amounts of radiation, as well as the ability to absorb and manipulate high levels of radiation for a number of purposes and effects. Thinking the government would be able to ultimately help him control his powers, Lu readily joined the Winter Guard.
  • Hammer & Sickle (original) - Valentina Slatkin is a mutant with the ability to manipulate the weather. Admiring Ursa Major for his mutant activism, she readily enlisted into the army, receiving basic training and serving for eight months until her powers were discovered by intelligence agents of the USSR. Seeing that her powers could be useful in the upcoming announcement of the new Siberian superhuman team, she was given the moniker Hammer & Sickle and handed over to Ivan Vanko for further enhancements. These enhancements would include a belt with which she could enhance her own powers and gave her the ability to fly, as well as a hammer and sickle with which she could induce other energy based attacks and would serve as conduits for the weather. It is rumored that they also have transdimensional abilities, as she was seen being able to teleport. Arguably the greatest asset of the Winter Guard, at times being called the "Siberian Thor".
  • Whiplash (original) - Ivan Vanko, the son of Anton Vanko, a famous Soviet scientist, came to Siberia together with his father when he was sent to a gulag for trying to escape to the West. As faith would have it, Doomsday happened soon thereafter, and the Siberian leadership would have to come to Anton for help. From that point on, young Ivan would learn and work alongside his father, working on projects from jet designs to the Crimson Dynamo units and the Punishment Corps suits. After his father died due to a heart attack two years ago, Ivan designed a suit of armor more advanced than the Crimson Dynamo units and designed two energy whips to go along with it and gave himself the moniker Whiplash. He was promptly inducted into the official team of the USSR, although he has worked on covert missions as well with the Widow and The Killer, mostly as tech support.

Shadow Team:

  • The Killer (original) - Vladimir Granitsky, whose codename is simply "The Killer", exhibited his unique abilities at a very young age. At the age of five, he managed to kill an eagle in mid-flight by witnessing a military sharpshooter do the same. After being sent to the military to test his abilities, it was revealed that Vladimir possessed photographic reflexes, being able to copy any humanly possible feat, just by witnessing it. From then on, having trained and surpassed the scores of the original Black Widow in the Red Room, as well as having received its version of the Super-Soldier serum, Vladimir has been a part of the Shadow Team of the USSR since 2006, going on black-ops assignments, together with the second Black Widow. He, alongside the Black Widow, possesses the same suit as the Punishment Corps, albeit more advanced and possessing a force field.
  • Black Widow II (original) - Yelena Chang, having been born to a Russian general and Chinese scientist, was part of the Red Room since a very early age. Having received the same training as her peers, Vladimir and Anton, she has been given the moniker of Black Widow, as she was able to equal the scores of Natasha Romanov, the original Black Widow. Assigned to black-ops missions together with The Killer in the Shadow Team. She, alongside The Killer, possesses the same suit as the Punishment Corps, albeit more advanced and possessing a force field.

Punishment Corps & Crimson Dynamo Corps[]

The Punishment Corps is a group of 100 individual soldiers, hand picked by the top military leaders of the Socialist Union who have been given special, ability enhancing suits. Although having no powers of their own, this elite group has enhanced speed, reflexes, strength and durability, all given by the suits themselves. They are prohibited from leaving the country by international law, although they have been on missions to Siberian allied countries. Every time a member of the group is KIA, another takes his or her place, leaving the number at one hundred. Ivan Vanko, known as Whiplash, is the principal scientist behind the performance-enhancing suits.

The Crimson Dynamo Corps is a group of twenty volunteers from the Siberian Army who were endowed with 20 suits made from the original Crimson Dynamo designs. Although bulky and using an antiquated design, these battle-tested suits have proven time and time again their excellent reliability. They are also prohibited from leaving the USSR, but are used actively in the war against the MLA. They were rebuilt using the technical knowledge of scientists Anton and Ivan Vanko.

Iron Avengers[]

  • Iron Patriot (original) - Air Force Captain Alfred Jones was crushed by Doomsday. He was an immensely patriotic man, and to see his beloved America reduced to a government-in-exile was almost too much. He discovered his set of armor in an abandoned Stark facility in Smallville, Kansas. He decided to become a hero named the Iron Patriot, and to repaint his armor in a patriotic color scheme not unlike his favorite hero Captain America.
  • Silver Samurai (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Titanium Man (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Warlock (original) - Arthur Kirkland, the third most powerful warlock in the world, was vastly affected by Doomsday. After both Doctor Strange and Brother Voodoo die in Doomsday he is selected as the new Sorcerer Supreme. Shortly after he mystically obtained Doctor Strange's cloak and the Eye of Agamotto, which automatically seeks the next Sorcerer Supreme when the previous cannot do so himself. Finding a previously stolen set of blueprints for the Iron Man armor system he forges a magical version of it using a unique combination of magic and science. The armor is powered by the mystical energies of the Eye of Agamotto, rather than the miniature arc reactor that Stark used in his design.

Justice League[]

  • Spider-Man (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Green Arrow (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Question (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Daredevil (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Captain Britain (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Vigilante (Pre-Doomsday) -The identity of the new Vigilante has not been revealed. The man who would become Vigilante was a Texan man whose memories were erased by an accident during Doomsday. With his wallet stolen and the official state and federal records destroyed in Doomsday, it is likely that his identity would never be discovered. He found a copy of vigilante's costume being held by a marauder planning on using the costume to become a warlord. He killed the man and started using the costume to serve as the area's defender. It was in light of this good work in Texas that he was tapped for membership in the Justice League. His guns are pieces of shape-shifting alien weaponry, and have taken the form of Old West six-shooters because a psychic link revealed his love of Westerns. The memory loss hasn't affected his fighting skills, only the memories of his identity. The only thing he remembers is that he loved old school western films, and as such he has used the pseudonym "John Eastwood" on occasion. It is later revealed that he used to work as a Presidential decoy, and had been surgically altered to resemble the late President Reagan.
  • Madame Masque (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Atom (Pre-Doomsday) - Jean Loring, ex-wife of the late Ray Palmer, adopted the identity of his alter-ego the Atom. She decided to follow in her ex-husband's footsteps after he was killed in the events of Doomsday. Using one of Ray's spare shrinking belts, and a costume based on his, she began a life of crime fighting.
  • Wonder Woman (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Polaris (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Human Torch (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Nightwing (Pre-Doomsday) -

New X-Men[]

  • Jean Grey (Pre-Doomsday) -
  • Cyclops (Pre-Doomsday) -

Next Generation[]


  • Grand Director (original) - Steve Rogers, driven insane by the fall of the United States, is a psychopathic megalomaniacal villain who intends to impose the tyrannical rule of his "new United States" over the rest of the former country. Despite the grand boast of his kingdom being the successor to the old United States, it only amounts to a small fiefdom in the midwest. This version of the character is influenced by the Captain America foe of the same name, and both his appearance and his tyrannical rule over a small fiefdom are influenced by the Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom. He is commonly used by the Virginian government to spread anti-CRUSA messages.
  • Vandal Savage (pre-Doomsday) - Vandal Savage was able to easily survive Doomsday due to his immortality. He has set up shop in the ANZC, after Superman relocated here following the collapse of the mainland United States.
  • Doctor Doom (pre-Doomsday) - The small country of Latveria managed to escape Doomsday unharmed, and Doom wasted no time in seizing the territory of the surrounding countries. However, with the demise of the Fantastic Four following Doomsday, Doom has left Latveria only occasionally, as he is still trying to find a worthy adversary.
  • Gentleman Ghost (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Maestro (original) - During the nuclear exchange Bruce Banner, better known as the Hulk, was able to survive Doomsday in his transformed form. Being at the heart of a nuclear explosion in Manhattan, the Hulk developed an incalculable level of power, perhaps rivaling those of the now missing Man of Steel. Coupled with a now active genius-level intellect, a persona named Maestro quickly came to the forefront. Building a base in the destroyed Manhattan cityscape, Maestro has been planning total world domination for over a quarter of a century. What agenda might this awesome threat have for the Earth? And who will be there to save us?
  • Ra's al Ghul (pre-Doomsday) - Though leader of the League of Assassins, an organization which shaped world events, Ra's al Ghul did not expect Doomsday would occur. Surviving in one of many Lazarus Pits, he continues to rebuild his organization, trying to once again shape global events, now unhindered by Batman and many of the old world heroes. It is suspected that he formed the Muslim Liberation Army, which acts little more as a front for his future plans. So far, most of his attacks were directed at the USSR, which has caught the attention of the Winter Guard.
  • Quicksilver (pre-Doomsday) - Having ousted his father for being "weak", Quicksilver now rules the Brotherhood of Mutants with an iron hand, being directly responsible for many terrorist attacks across the globe. Being fed up with the still ever present "flatscans", he plans his ultimate solution. Who will oppose the fastest man on Earth?
  • Dream Master (original) -
  • Owlman (pre-Doomsday) - Anton Kyznetsov, brother of the new Batman Andrei Kyznetsov. He too was inspired by Boris Mikhailov's assassination of his parents, but not quite in the way that young Andrei was. He became inspired to follow in Mikhailov's footsteps. He became the masked criminal Owlman, who has faced off against Batman numerous times since his introduction, and has been placed in Zakharov Asylum every time, though he has managed to escape in short order.
  • Krimson Klansman (original) - A mysterious terrorist who arose some time after Doomsday in the former US state of Georgia. His identity has yet to be revealed. He is a white supremacist who leads the White Army, which consists of the reorganized remnants of the Ku Klux Klan and other such organizations. Has a vague connection with Clyde Harness, a prominent figure in the racist state of New Montgomery.
  • Electro (pre-Doomsday) - Maxwell Dillon's powers allowed him to survive Doomsday. However his physical body was destroyed, which left him little more than an electricity-based ghost. He gained the ability to possess machinery to use as components for his mechanical bodies (that are frequently destroyed), and the ability to regenerate his form from the smallest constituent spark. He has resumed being a part of the new Spider-man's Rogues Gallery. His abilities make him the new Spider-man's most deadly foe.
  • The Shape (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Sabretooth (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Janus (original) -
  • Highlander (original )- There were two characters who have used the name Highlander. The first was Hector Gordon, who was a high ranking member of the Scottish military. As Highlander he served as the regime's lethal enforcer and head of the National Guard since the fascist regime took power in 2008. He was killed when the "Freedom For Scotland" Movement blew up the Chamberhouse. His successor, a fanatic by the name of James Wallace, has been furiously pursuing the FFS. Fortunately he has been impeded on all fronts by the efforts of FFS leader Guido Fawkes.
  • Green Goblin (pre-Doomsday) - Peter Parker, the former Spider-man was killed on Doomsday. Sometime later a shady lab in Louisiana run by the new Kingpin attempted to clone him and create a loyal enforcer for his syndicate. However they accidentally gave him the brainwaves (memories and personality) of Norman Osborn,the former Green Goblin. He adopted the identity of the former criminal mastermind, and has been pestering the new Spider-man ever since. He maintains the public identity of Richard Parker, local entrepreneur and CEO of ParkerTech (which is the largest employer in Louisiana). NOTE: Louisiana is depicted as a more organized nation than in reality. This utopian depiction has made the comics very popular in Louisiana.
  • Joker (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Malice (original) -

Red Faction[]

A cell of communist terrorists whose aim is to spread communism across the survivor nations of the former United States and archenemies of Screaming Eagle and the 101st. It is heavily implied that the Siberians disapprove of their methods.

  • The Boss (original) - Mikhail Godunov, leader of the Red Faction, a class 10 intellect. He is a master strategist and charismatic leader, knowing when to show force or mercy for best effect. He is bent on corrupting the Virginian Republic towards communism.
  • The Chairman (original) - Xiao Shu ming, second in command of the Red Faction. A Chinese telepath and kung fu expert. His appearance is based on the former Chinese leader Mao Zedong.
  • KGB (original) - The Red Faction's chief spy and assassin, name unknown, he possesses superhuman speed and agility and the ability to merge with shadows.
  • Bear (original) - Viktor Reshetniko, while usually dismissed as a brute, hides a cunning most of his enemies don't expect. The main muscle of the Red Faction, can shift his form into an 8 ft bear-human hybrid which possesses increased strength and durability.
  • Karla Marx (original) - Rebeka Ackermann, a German commando possessing a ruthless demeanor and superhuman senses and reflexes.
  • MiG (original) - Andrei Mishin, Red Faction technician and communication officer, possesses the power of flight.
  • Proletariat (original) - The rank and file soldiers of the Red Faction.

The Magnificent Seven[]

The personifications of the legendary Seven Deadly Sins were unintentionally unleashed on Doomsday, and have since decided to wreak havoc on the survivors. They are the spirits of humans (good and bad) who were corrupted by a mysterious power, which is presumed to be Satan.

  • Pride -
  • Lust -
  • Gluttony -
  • Greed -
  • Sloth -
  • Wrath -
  • Envy -

Fallen Heroes[]

  • Red Queen (Original) -
  • Emperor Robin (Original) -
  • Black Knight (Original) -
  • Iron Mask (Original) -

Crime Syndicate of America[]

  • Riddler (pre-Doomsday )-
  • Doctor Destiny (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Scarecrow (pre-Doomsday) -
  • Onslaught (original) -
  • Super-Boy Prime (original) -
  • Haze (original -

Character Gallery[]

Amalgam Universe[]

Unlike American Comics or Omega Comics, Virginian Comics have, as of yet, published stories in a single universe and have not revived the Elseworld's branch of former DC Comics, nor have they created a Multiverse like Marvelo Comics. The main premise of this single Universe is that, when Doomsday occurred in 1983, both DC and Marvel heroes experienced the event at the same time, merging the two universes. This created a new history for both groups of surviving heroes, making them effectively forget their former pasts. This premise has intrigued comic book readers both in Virginia as well as the rest of the survivor states in the former United States and beyond.


September 25th, 1983: Doomsday. The single, most defining event in human history, changing the world as we once knew it. Billions of people perished in the exchange, millions more later, due to the harsh reality of the life after. Heroes and villains perished alike. But life would not end here, as this would also mark a new beginning for the world; two worlds to be exact.

As Doomsday had not happened in a single universe, it happened in two, at the exact same time, bending reality, creating the world that we now know: the Amalgam Universe. Most surviving heroes did not know of the change that had occurred. Although severely hurt by Doomsday, some heroes did manage to survive, which would bring upon a new dawn for the superhero community, more than twenty years later, as many new heroes, together with those left behind, formed new alliances and teams, willing to counter injustice wherever it may strike.

Prodigal Son story arc[]

(This story is the first encompassing arc that Virginian Comics had planned and it officially ended on May 17th, 2010)

The arc followed Quicksilver and his machinations for total world domination, as well as Magneto's revelations in the Fortress of Solitude. Quicksilver's main goal was to disrupt the current world powers and to ultimately rain chaos and destruction on homo inferior. To achieve this, Quicksilver's forces simultaneously attacked various nuclear facilities in the ANZC and the USSR, hoping to achieve control over their arsenals, as well as attacks on various targets in the SAC. It was revealed, however, that these attacks were just a ploy to divert most of the superhero community from the real attacks happening at Cavalcanti Industries, where the Brotherhood hoped to gain various high tech weaponry that Cavalcanti was either building or scavenged from Stark.

This would in turn lead to a massive battle in Rio de Janeiro where the Green Lantern Corps and the Winter Guard helped the local heroes. Also arriving were Nova, Static, as well as the new Batman and the new Flash. During the battle, the Scarlet Witch, who had been deeply troubled ever since Doomsday and had felt that something was wrong had gone over the edge and completely lost her sanity. She started to warp the very fabric of reality, almost dooming the entire existence of the universe. However, when all seemed lost, Magneto revealed himself, plunging a piece of metal at his daughter, killing her instantly. Enraged, Quicksilver grabbed his father and started to run as fast as he could, which led to Magneto evaporating into nothingness, seconds after leaving his son a cryptic message: "This world is not our own." Quicksilver returned to battle, ready to unleash hell on the heroes.

However, in a blink of an eye Quicksilver was defeated by an unknown "blur", which broke both of his legs and arms. The only person to even see a glimpse was the Flash, who informed the heroes of its existence. On the wall next to Quicksilver, a burning message appeared as well: "You are on your own now."

The League Reborn story arc[]

The arc follows the aftermath of the battle with the Brotherhood. With the national teams bickering over who would detain the mutant prisoners, the independent heroes Batman, the Flash, Iron Man, Static and Nova decided it would be in the interest of the entire planet if there were to exist an independent group of heroes who would protect the entire world without prejudice. Thus the idea of restoring the Justice League was born.

The five heroes decided to establish a temporary base at Cavalcanti's mansion in Rio de Janeiro, so that they could help out with the relief efforts happening there, as well as it being a relatively secure location for future ventures into other countries. All five of them decided to have on their person a communication and teleportation device, so as to be more available to the team if necessary. With preparations out of the way, they ventured out into the world on an experimental new Quinjet Mark II, developed by Cavalcanti Tech. Through their travels, they enlisted the help of Garcon Gautreaux (Spider-Man), Ryan O'Reilly (Robin Hood), Otto von Vogler (Question), Gunnar Larsen (Daredevil), and Abri Lategan (Captain Britain). They were all given communication devices and agreed to meet if the need for their joint help would arise. Some talk was had about asking the enigmatic "blur" to join them in their effort, as they had traced its energy signature to Australia, but ultimately agreed that this person wanted to be left alone.

This would happen sooner than anyone thought, however, as a new threat would come from above...

List of Titles[]

Current Series[]

Ongoing Series

  • The Killer & Black Widow (six-issue story arcs, February, 2010-Ongoing)
  • Screaming Eagle (May, 2009-Ongoing)
  • Alan Scott and the Amazing Green Lanterns (October, 2009-Ongoing)
  • Winter Guard (December 2009-Ongoing, six-issue story arcs)


Previous Series[]


  • American Son (#1-4, 2009)
  • Hulk Reborn (#1-4, 2009)
  • It came from Outer Space (#1-8, 2009-2010)
  • Prodigal Son (#1-6,February-May, 2010)
  • Whatever happened to the Man of Steel? (#1-6, 2010)
  • Whatever happened to Wolverine? (#1-6, 2009)
  • Whatever happened to the Master of Magnetism? (#1-6, 2009)
  • The Bat strikes! (#1-6, August-November 2010)
  • The League Reborn (#1-5, June-November 2010)

Organizations & Factions[]

  • The Batmen (original)- After Batman died alongside most of the Justice League trying to stop Doomsday a group of people, in remembrance of the Batman's importance to Gotham City, formed the Batmen to continue Batman's war on crime. They have taken a harsher stance on crime than their idol Batman did, but their efforts have driven most of Batman's Rogue's Gallery from Gotham City. The Batmen have since merged with the remains of the Gotham City Police Department, and have been officially appointed the city's police force by Mayor Hamilton Hill.
  • The Vivarma (original)-
  • Liberty Rifles (original)- A pre-War Civil War reenactment before Doomsday, the Liberty Rifles found that their weapons were transformed by the magical backlash of Doomsday to become indestructible magical rifles. They decided to use their new weapons, and their military skills, to defend the surviving former Americans from injustice.

Popular Culture References[]

As a nod to pre-Doomsday film, television and literature, there have been many "Easter Eggs" in the issues of Virginian Comics. There is currently a contest run by Virginian Comics to see who can guess all of them. This is a list of all the currently known references.

  • Village People- A few issues of Screaming Eagle deal with a gang modeled after the music group the Village People.


The pages of Virginian Comics contain many instances of locations either completely original or based on real-life locations.

  • Fortress Voena- Malice's orbital headquarters, Fortress Voena was formed by combining the remains of the space station Mir with the remains of alien ships destroyed in an orbital battle on Doomsday. The station is heavily armoured, features a large stash of alien weaponry and is built around a large plasma cannon which is reserved as a weapon of last resort.
  • Louisiana- The former state of Louisiana, known in the comics as the "Republic of Louisiana", is shown as one of the most cosmopolitan survivor states in the entire former United States. As it is depicted as one of the few places in former America where the standard of living has almost reached pre-Doomsday levels the comic has become immensely popular in Louisiana for this reason. Transportation in Louisiana mainly consists of street trams and bullet trains, as gasoline is mainly used for military vehicles.
  • Atlantic City- A debauched city-state mainly funded by its casinos, Atlantic City has replaced the destroyed Las Vegas as the premier city of sin. The city serves as the headquarters of the Penguin and of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • New York- The demi-gods Lady Liberty and Lady Justice restored the site of the former city of New York, with the radiation being erased from the earth. They built new towns on the islands of Manhattan and Liberty Island. The architecture of the new New York more closely resembles the ancient cities of the Greeks than the modern American city that had stood on the spot before Doomsday. Lady Justice lives in her palace in Tweed Courthouse, which is one of the few pre-Doomsday buildings restored by the two demi-gods.
  • Temple of Liberty- The building that served as the plinth for the Statue of Liberty has become a temple for Lady Liberty. Though the exterior appears the same as it was pre-Doomsday the interior was transformed into a Greek-style temple reminiscent of the Parthenon. The iconic statue was replaced by a smaller statue inside the plinth, as the restored pre-Doomsday statue has been transformed into a living defender of the area by Hephaestus.

Items & Weapons[]

  • Ultimate Nullifier- As "the universe's most devastating weapon", the Ultimate Nullifier is the only weapon capable of eliminating celestial figures such as Galactus or the Monitors.