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Viva California Timeline
The Mexican-American War
The War of Secession
The Spanish-Americas War
The Great War
The Texan-American War
The World War
The Cold War
The Spasm
Post-Apocalypse Brush Wars

The Main Points of Divergence in the Viva California Universe are:

  • The Mexican-American War was a bust, despite the manpower that the US had to throw at it.
  • The Civil War was won by the Secessionists, as the military leadership that saved the war here was killed in the Mexican-American war or within the first years of the Civil War.
  • Texas refused to join the United States.

Because of the fractured nature of the power structure in North America, the United States becomes a much more bellicose nation. World War I ends in great victory for the Allies; the United States and Germany, and World War II is yet another trouncing by the world powers of Russia, the United States, and Germany. Yet the Tripod of Superpowers is unequal and the world enters a period of Cold War -- culminating in a brief nuclear exchange, the Spasm, and the world order is reversed.

This timeline explores the changes that ripple forward from the loss of the Mexican-American war, and the results for Western civilization.

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