Principality of Wallachia
Țara Românească (Romanian)
Flag of Wallachia Coat of arms of Wallachia, 1700
Flag Coat of Arms

Nihil Sine Deo (Romanian)

Anthem "Anthem of Wallachia"
Capital Târgoviște
Largest city Târgoviște
Other cities bucharest,Campulung and Dobrudja
Language Romanian,Slavonic orthodox,Greek
Religion Orthodox eastern church
Legislature House of Bassarab
  Royal house: House of Basarab
Established 1330
Currency Leu Romanian

Principality of Wallachia in Romanian (Țara Românească) is a country located,in the Balkan peninsula and in eastern Europe as well is borded by Serbia, Croatia, Moldova and Byzantines Empire on the south main territorial their capital is Tragoviste main found by Bassarb I.


Hungarian-Romanian war

Formerly, back when Wallachia was found mainly of Wallachian revolted against Geza and to have independence many of them go lossed and later still have some war which Wallachia was found by Bessarab I and found the main's current dynasty of what is now well.

Civil war and Mongol Invasion of Balkan

A lot of principality disputed and the mongols dis-unified the whole idea part of Wallachia the Byzantines try to kick off the Mongol in tactical and by alliance Hungary and Wallachia team up to push it off the mongol to their own homeland,a week ago many of economy has been recovering up many of principality is in hold of preparation at unifications in the decade year of 1380 vladislav i is no longer as voidove and the main who successor is Radu i and his lady wife who rule Bulgaria and Wallachia at this maintenance authority and trade network locals.

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