In our era with populations well aware of the far reaching effects of war some peacemakers are prized heroes in culture, for Africa Nelson Mandela surely must be the greatest among these. Mandela with his example ended decades of racial oppression with very little bloodshed. An example and symbol of peace, his rise to power and presidency attempted to make compromise between the majority Bantu groups and the White Afrikaner population.

Point of Divergence

Such peace won with difficulty, is also fragile. Vortex is about understanding how easily peace we may take for granted today is easily lost. Here Nelson Mandela is unable to broker successful negotiations between his ANC party and the South African government due to terrorist attacks from militant Afrikaners. A South African civil war becomes an international debacle as the Cold War comes to a close.

Understand the road to violence, and the road to peace by reading on the Vortex towards conflict.

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