Alternative History
Timeline: Great White South

OTL equivalent: Vostok Station
Map of Vostok
Country Flag of Bellinsgauzenia (Great White South).svg Bellinsgauzenia
Governorate Flag of Upper Vaiood (Great White South).svg Upper Vaiood
Uyezd Vostok Uyezd
Language Russian
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Founded 1908
Incorporated 1928
Mayor Ivana Petrova (P)
Population 249,170  
Time zone (UTC+9)

Vostok (Russian: Восток) is the capital city of Upper Vaiood and one of the most populous cities in the Bellinsgauzenian interior. The city is located along the confluence of Lake Vostok and the Vostok River. The city and regional toponyms are named after the Russian ship Vostok, which (along with Mirny) were the ships commanded by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, whose voyage discovered Antarctica in January 1820.

The settlement was founded in the late 1890s, with the population growing during the fight against communism during the 1920s. The city became a safe haven for the Nationalists during this time, and was regarded as a provisional capital for a time being. Following the civil war, Vostok grew into a modern city and a regional hub of southern Bellinsgauzenia.

The city is located within the Antarctic tundra, being among the few major cities around the world to be located in this type of environment. Being well south of the Antarctic circle, Vostok has virtually sun-less winters and night-less summers. The city gains the majority of its energy from the nearby Vostok Nuclear Power Plant, with a regional coal-fire plant also in operation.