Alternative History

The following is a list of headlines from the year 2008 of the post-Doomsday world.


December 29th, 11:02am GMT: Ceasefire in Sicily
Sicilian Flag PALERMO - After days of absolute silence, the Sicily government has surprisingly offered unconditional peace talks to begin on January 1st to "begin a new peaceful year" ADC, ANZC, and LoN accept the offer.

Sicilian Crisis: December 25th,11:13am GMT
Sicilian Flag PALERMO - Sicilian Government accuses the Alpine confederation of a planned shoot-down and names the incident a "Act of War"

December 25th, 10:45am GMT: Alpine Confed. shoots down Sicilian plane
DD1983 Alps Civil VADUZ - The Alpine Defense Minister announces the shoot-down of a Sicily fighter above the City of Venice. He claims the plane had ignored repeated warnings before being intercepted by Alpine jets.

Politics: December 19th, 4:45am GMT:
Reactions to Sicily's offer are diverse. Alpine Confederation, ADC and ANZC declare all forces in the Mediterranean will remain on alert condition BETA. SAC spokespersons welcome the Sicilian offer and call the LoN High Council to allow immediate aid convoys to be dispatched.

December 17th,09:15am GMT
Sicilian Flag PALERMO - In an unexpected move, Sicilian President Bertolucci offers all military forces in the border regions to be reduced to pre-crisis levels in exchange for medical and food aid as protests are increasingly getting out of control.

December 13th,10:45pm: Riots in Sicily
Sicilian Flag PALERMO - 10 reported dead in demonstration Crackdown in Sicilian Capital

December 12 2008: Celts step up anti-Sicilian rhetoric
Flag BerthelierInterceltic DUBLIN - As talks break down between the LoN and Sicilian president Giacamo Bertolucci, Celtic Alliance Prime minister Mark Cosgrove stated "We will not tolerate this act of aggression." and even mentioned the possibility of using air-strikes against Sicily.

December 10th,08:49 am GMT: Seismic Activity near Aceh
Flag of Aceh BANDA ACEH - News Agencies from Aceh report a undersea earthquake hitting the region. First estimates set a 6.7 on the Richter Scale. Tsunami alerts have been called for Indonesian and Acehnese coastlines.

December 9th,11:17am GMT: Protests rack Sicily
Sicilian Flag Despite all governmental efforts, protests continue to spread across major Sicilian cities.

December 8th,10:14 am: ANZC fleet reaches Sicily
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio ANZC High Command confirms the arrival of the ANZC "Commonwealth Carrier Group" in the region around Lampedusa. Sicilian vessels have been withdrawn within hours of the arrival though constant air activity is reported.

December 6th,8:25pm: Sicily talks break down again
DD1983 LoN Flag PORT SAID - Unconfirmed Reports of a Alpine Recon Airplane to have been targeted but not shot down by Sicilian air defense lead to a new suspension of LoN - Sicily talks.

December 6th,7:48pm GMT: Host city chosen for 2010 Games
FrenchTerritories PAPEETE, Tahiti - The International Olympic Committee announced the long-planned for 1st post- Doomsday Olympic World Games to be held around June July 2010. Host city will be, as expected, Auckland, ANZC.

December 4th, 2:45pm GMT: Unrest in Alps
DD1983 Alps Civil VADUZ - Recent reports tell about anti-government protests in the regions close to Alpine Confederation territory. Obviously Military Police units have been called to end protests by force. Cause for the spontaneous and peaceful protests are increasing shortages in food and medical supply as cause of the ongoing full blockade of Sicily territory.

December 1st,10:35am GMT: Sicily Talks resume
DD1983 LoN Flag PORT SAID - The LoN -Sicily talks are re-initiated following a reassurement of Sicily President Bertolucci that Sicily "does not or will ever possess any weapons somehow related to nuclear power. Nonetheless we will not accept any aggressions of our neighbors and we will maintain our claim to all Italian territories."


November 26th, 8:35am GMT: League of Nations suspends talks with Sicily
DD1983 LoN Flag PORT SAID - The LoN-Sicily talks have been suspended as Sicilian Presidente Giacomo Bertolucci in his first television speech ever threatens to counter any direct military aggression with recently acquired "secret" weapons. All neighboring states have announced maximum security levels for all military forces and closed all borders to Sicily territories as the "secret" might comprehend nuclear devices.

November 25: 15.29 Dublin Meantime: ADC to send aid to Alpine Confed
Flag of Portugal 1983Doomsday PUNTA DELGADA - The Atlantic Defense Community meets in emergency sessions, giving formal consideration to appeals from the Alpine Confederation for aid and military assistance. Commanders would seem to be recommending full military support by land and sea for the Alpine Confederation. The Atlantic Defense Community raises its levels of security to ALPHA its highest level since DD and suspends all military leave.

November 25: 11.02am Dublin Meantime: LoN Medical Command opens
Flag BerthelierInterceltic GALWAY - The League of Nations Formally opens The Leagues Medical Wing named the Medical Command (MD)in Galway Celtic Alliance. Based on the UN World Health Organization (WHO)but concentrating on Medical assistance to those most in need the Medical Command (MD) is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the LoN's system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing the impact of Doomsday on emerging health trends.

November 17th, 6:35am GMT: Tensions mount in Mediterranean
The tensions in the Mediterranean reach a new height as the Sicilian emissary is immediately recalled by the Sicilian Government and negotiations are suspended.

November 15th, 3:35pm GMT: Troop buildup in the Alps?
DD1983 Alps Civil VADUZ - Unconfirmed reports of amassing Sicilian troops near the demarcation line in Italy further increase tensions in the Alpine Region. The Alpine Confederation recalls its emissary to Sicily immediately

November 12th, 7:30am GMT: LoN denounces Sicily
Flag of Tonga NUKU'ALOFA - LoN High Council declares military sanctions against Sicily including no harbor admittance to its ships in all LoN member states. Decision is made unison

November 12th, 4:58am: League of Nations to negotiate with Sicily
Flag of Tonga NUKU'ALOFA - lON SecGen is heading to Pt. Said Suez Channel military base intending to meet Sicilian emissary Gianluca Mastroiani for diplomatic talks to end the crisis

November 11th, 4:34pm GMT
Flag of Tonga NUKU'ALOFA - LoN Sec Gen calls for an immediate High council Session to deal with the tensions in the Mediterranean.

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