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January 6th, 2019: Leicesterian military occupies Hinckley, Bosworth and south Blaby RepublicOfLeicesterINDEPENDENCEFLAG Leicester - The Leicesterian Armed Forces along with a scientific research unit has ventured into the uncontrolled areas of Ashby de la Zouch and Coalville, along with Hinckley, Bosworth and Blaby, areas which have slowly recovered from the bombing of the city of Leicester in 1984. These areas, says President of the Republic Sean Sheahan, have been safely occupied and incorporated into the Republic of Leicester.

"Once again, another great victory for our great republic. Ave Ratae!"


February 10th, 2018: Leicester declares independence from Newolland! RepublicOfLeicesterINDEPENDENCEFLAG Newolland flag 2011 Newolland - The radical left-wing armed militia known as the Sons of De Montfort has succeeded in gaining the creation of a nation-state separate from Newolland, also occupying territory from southern Cleveland, establishing a socialist republic paying homage to the former English ceremonial county of Leicestershire, known as the Republic of Leicester. Despite the city the new state owes its name to being destroyed, the country and its fierce armed followers have vowed to expand its borders across the East Midlands and regain "Fair Leicestershire", as the nation's Premier Peter Soulsby has declared. He proceeded to proclaim:

"This is a new beginning, the rebirth of our old home and the rise of socialism on the island of Britannia. Corieltauvi, rejoice! Workers of the world, unite!"!


July 4th, 2017: Lehighton Liberated by Reading and Susquehanna military forces   LEHIGHTON, Pennsylvania - Following a fierce campaign against raiders in former Carbon County, Reading and Susquehanna forces have manage to liberate the last major stronghold of the raider forces in Eastern Pennsylvania. The remnant of the raiders and gangs officially surrendered to the combined forces leaders, and were taken into custody. Personnel from both the Reading and Susquehanna Red Cross are in the city assisting survivors, and engineers are inspecting damaged buildings and beginning repairs to severely damaged structures.

Survivors were processed and attempts were made to check them against records held by law enforcement agencies in Susquehanna, Reading, and State College, as well as any pre-Doomsday records that survived.



October 1st, 2015: Reunification talks between North Pennsylvania and State College begin Flag of Pennsylvania FRANKLIN, North Pennsylvania - Following mutual popular sentiment between the populace of the two North American survivor states being acknowledged by their respective governments, Governor Young invited delegates from the Provisional Government of Pennsylvania at State College to begin discussing the feasibility and fine points of arranging such a union. This comes with staunch protesting by the rural Amish population, many of whom believe the destruction of the United States was an act of God, and that no unification to further reconstitute its former member states should be undertaken. It is unknown to what degree this would coincide with a planned economic union bringing much of Northeastern North America into an economic and military alliance.

October 1st, 2015: Buffalo Ward achieves full self-governance 83DD-NiagaraFallsFlag2 BUFFALO, Niagara Falls - Residents of the Buffalo Settlement celebrated today as the Transitional Government officially handed over power to the newly elected officials. The city, which was struck by a nuclear missile on Doomsday and largely destroyed, is the first to have been rebuilt under the United Communities' Restoration Committee. Initially re-populated by 1500 former residents and their descendants, the city has grown to a population of about 5000 in the past two years, as more former residents and re-settlement enthusiasts have taken up the offer of affordable residency in the Settlement Limits. Buffalo has opted to remain in Niagara Falls for the time being, becoming the Falls' 10th Ward.


June 2nd, 2015: Elections in Susquehanna Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag BLOOMSBURG, Susquehanna - The citizens around the Commonwealth of Susquehanna went to the voting booths today to choose the national leaders who will decide the next five years of the nation's history. The Press Enterprise and Susquehanna Broadcasting Company covered the elections live from the General Assembly Building in Bloomsburg. Officials from the United Communities were in Bloomsburg, Danville and Hazleton to oversee the elections and prevent voter fraud. The Republican Party was expected to win, which they did, capturing the Governorship by 4%, and 2350 votes. In a surprise turn of events, the Libertarian Party did fairly well, winning 14% (8225) votes, and Schuylkill County. Lou Barletta was reelected governor of the Commonwealth of Susquehanna. Overall, for the Senate and House elections, the Republican Party lost a single seat in the House, the Democrats lost a seat in the Senate, but picked one up in the House, and the Libertarians gained a seat in the Senate.


March 6th, 2015: A University for Volkstaat - Afrikaner Vryheidsvlag SPRINGBOK, Volkstaat: Following some seven years of construction, the University of Springbok has finished construction and stands completed. A great source of pride for the locals, the university marks a step in the right direction for education within the region. Volkstaat is acknowledged to have some of the best minds of former South Africa and it is hoped through the medium of the university their knowledge can finally be passed onto the next generation.

As it is too late to begin an academic year, the first academic year shall begin in early 2016. For now, applications to the university are officially open, and students can apply to either first or second year entry. There are hopes the University will see applicants from other nations in the region, and eventually allow for the sharing of research in the field of engineering and other sciences.


January 1st, 2015: Accession to the United Communities Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag 83DD-NiagaraFallsFlag2 NAVY ISLAND, Niagara Falls-' At midnight, Susquehanna officially gained an honorary member seat in the United Communities. Governor Lou Barletta championed this as "The first step in regaining our position on the International stage." Canada had supported the nation's admission, as has the other Pennsylvanian survivor states, eager to gain another allied vote. Saeguney opposed it, pointing to Susquehanna's hostility to the nation.

January 1, 2015: Happy New Year!: From the depths of the Amazon to the icy north, and from the land down under to the empty quarter, fireworks go off around the globe early this morning as a new year is marked.


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