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November 2, 2021: Minnesota Territory elects government planned to lead the way to statehood: US flag with 14 stars by Hellerick.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg MOORHEAD, Minnesota - The Minnesota Territory conducted its first elections Tuesday, electing a governor, a slate of other executive officers, and members of the new Minnesota Legislature. A law making Minnesota the 15th state was signed in July, but its admission was delayed until the end of January to allow it to elect a government. Previously it was governed by officials named by Dakota, the state that Minnesota will formally separate from next year.


October 21, 2021: Panamanian Federation organizes new member state: Flag of Panama.svg SAN JOSÉ DE DAVID, Panama - The Congress of the Panamanian Federation approved the admission of a new member, the District of Tolé, in a session on Thursday. The local autonomous state was organized in land under the Federation's control that lies between its two largest members, the capital and the Republic of Azuero. Much of the remaining territory in that region was annexed to other nearby member states. Tolé is the first new member to be admitted to the federation since its re-foundation in 2013, and the first new state organized under the auspices of the federal government. Panama's foreign ministry issued a statement that Tolé is "a sign of our continuing success in rebuilding our nation." The Panamanian Federation governs most of the land between the Canal Zone and the Costa Rican border; Colombia has made efforts to occupy some of this territory.


July 4, 2021: Susquehanna integrates former Wyoming County as the Territory of Tunkhannock: DD1983 Commonwealth Susquehanna Flag Civil.svg BLOOMSBURG, Susquehanna - The Department of the Interior and Department of State announced the formation of the Territory of Tunkhannock from former Wyoming County, Pennsylvania and the flag of the nation was raised in Tunkhannock and Meshoppen. This is the first expansion in three years of which the nation has been securing the region and stabilizing other territory. Experts from the United Communities and the League of Nations have expressed concern that the nation is settling territory too close to the irradiated sites of former Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, however Governor Tim Holden dismissed these concerns as attempts by foreign parties to meddle in Susquehanna’s internal affairs and pointed out the exclusion zone designated by the nation to prevent population in hot zones.


June 4, 2021: New Britain celebrates birth of royal princess: New Britain Flag 3.png PORT ELIZABETH, New Britain - The King and Queen announced the birth of their first child, a daughter named Hope Anne Thabisa. A spokesman told the press that the princess's name reflects both the British traditions of her father King William and the Zulu traditions of her mother Queen Sibusisiwe. The newborn girl immediately became first in line to the throne of New Britain, along with a few countries in the former territory of Canada and in Oceania. Following the news, the King's Troop gave a 41-gun salute from Fort Frederick, and fireworks displays were seen in towns throughout the country that evening. Official celebrations were also held in Fiji and Canada, as well as in KwaZulu, where the Queen's father reigns as king.


March 31, 2021: Indonesia raises new flag : Indonesia Vector Flag with Garuda emblem.png JAKARTA, Indonesia - Today the Republic of Indonesia officially raised its new flag in the national mall. The flag consists of a redesigned and simplified Garuda, the bird which is on the national emblem and on the old flag. The Garuda represents the emergence of Indonesia into the 21st century, casting off the shackles of the Old New Order.

March 17, 2021: Celebrations for the 160th anniversary of the Unification of Italy: Flag of Italy (1946–2003).svg Flag of Sicilian Kingdom 1848.svg Palermo, Two Sicilies - Today Italy and the Italians celebrated the 160th anniversary of the unification, celebrations are held in every main Italian city, from Palermo to Perugia and up until Bolzano. For the occasion, Sicilian president Antonio Tajani invited the head of states or head of governments of the other Italian nations in order to celebrate this important date and to bring a sign of peace upon the Italian Peninsula, there are also many ‘non-Italian’ foreign guests, like the president of the Alpine Confederation; Guy Parmelin, the prime minister of Greece; Vassiliki Thanou-Christophilou, the prime minister of the Spanish Monarchy; Francina Armengol, the Celtic ambassador to Sicily; Colm Ó Floinn, the Turkish prime minister; Binali Yıldırım, the North German ambassador to Sicily; Reinhard Schofers, the Prince of Seborga, in rapresentation of both Seborga and Monaco; Marcello Menegatto, the prime minister of the Kingdom of Macedonia; Zoran Zaev, the US ambassador to Sicily; Thomas Smitham, the Canadian ambassador to Sicily; Alexandra Bugailiskis, a SAC delegation headed by Michel Temer, Brazilian president, the ANZC prime minister; Jacinda Ardern and many others.

The list of activities that Tajani and the other Italian head of states will expand over the next days, as the president will travel to Genoa to commemorate the departure of Garibaldi from Quarto dei Mille and then to Caprera, for paying homage to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

The excitement is in the air in Italy as flags are hanging over balconies and bells are singing for celebrating this fatidical date, not only for this celebration but also as a hope for a better, future, where Italy will be once again united under one flag and where hate among Italians will cease to exist. In Alpine controlled territory there have been some disturbances and protests, in cities like Brescia, Treviso, Mantova, Bologna, Pavia, Novara and Belluno, on a small scale and caused most likely by nationalist or neo-fascist, nonetheless, the situation was peaceful other then that. Many journalists are describing this as a truly historical moment in Italy, a sign for peace and reconciliation among Italians, or at least the end of any hostility among Italians, we know very well that Italy is a land made by war and with much experience in warfare, but we hope that in the future Italy will be known as a land of peace and progress.


February 28, 2021: Results from Indonesia's flag referendum: Indonesia-Flag-Emblem.jpg JAKARTA, Indonesia - The results of Indonesia's flag referendum are in and 60% Indonesians support changing the old flag into a new redesigned one. The old flag, which became known as the Pancasila Flag or the Garuda Flag, has been Indonesia's official flag since it's reorganization in the 1980s, would remain the national flag until March 31, when the new flag is set to be raised.

February 21, 2021: 7th Convention of the Oceanic Organisation opens in Belau: Flag of Palau.svg OceanicFlag.png KOROR, Belau - Belauan President Raynold Oilouch opened the seventh annual Convention of the Oceanic Organisation Sunday. The ANZ-dominated alliance is expected to discuss a number of issues of regional importance, including rising sea levels and plans to stimulate more trade with the growing nations of the North American west coast. A delegation from Mauritius is present as an observer to the convention in order to pursue a closer relationship with the regional bloc.


January 5, 2021: United States adds star to flag: US flag with 14 stars by Hellerick.svg TORRINGTON - The United States raised its new flag Tuesday with a 14th star to represent the state of Cimarron. Cimarron joined the Union last July. Its bill of statehood stipulated that the famous 13-star "Betsy Ross" design would remain the national flag for the rest of 2020. Today the 14-star design was raised officially for the first time in Torrington's National Mall.



September 22, 2020: Opposition parties gain in the Maldives: Flag of Maldives.svg MALÉ, Maldives - The island republic of the Maldives concluded its first regularly scheduled election since the new democratic regime came to power two-and-a-half years ago. The election was peaceful, but the results call into question the resilience of the country's young democracy. The Human Rights Party of President Ahmed Moosa lost many of its seats in the People's Majlis, while the biggest gains are two parties respectively associated with former presidents Maumoon Gayoom and Mohamed Nasheed. Both former presidents once led authoritarian governments; both still live in the Maldives and are active in its politics. With no party winning a majority, it is not clear who will control the Speakership, but it is unlikely to be a member of the President's party.


July 20, 2020: Niue enthrones new King: Flag of Niue.svg ALOFI, Niue - A large portion of the population of this tiny island nation gathered near the capital to celebrate the accession of Atapana Siakimotu as their new elected monarch. Atapana is the third king elected since the island restored the practice and will reign for a term of fifteen years. The new king's background is as an educator. He served as a leader in the island's school system for decades, first as a high school principal, later as Minister of Education under numerous governments. Now retired, he will serve as Niue's constitutional monarch. He was chosen in the island's general election in late May, which also made Sisilia Talagi the country's first woman Premier. The ceremony and festivities lasted much of the day and revolved around Atapana's anointment and coronation by village elders while sitting with his back against an ancient sacred stone.

July 4, 2020: Cimarron admitted to the Union as the 14th state: Flag of the United States (1777-1795).svg Cimarron-flag.png TORRINGTON - The United States capital held its second celebration this year to welcome a new state to the Union. The admission of Cimarron, a state comprising the former Oklahoma Panhandle, came with some controversy. Some members of Congress voted against statehood on the grounds that Cimarron's government is new and underdeveloped. Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the capital was jubilant as the country celebrated its continuing growth. Another celebration was also held in Guymon, capital of the new state.


February 7th, 2020: Inaugural Oceanic Winter Games open in Alaska. DD1983 Alaska Flag .svg OceanicFlag.png SEWARD, Alaska - A modest opening ceremony in a small new arena marked the start of the first Oceanic Winter Games. The Oceanic Organisation, an alliance of mostly tropical island states led by the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand, has held the annual Oceanic Games for several years. These games are the Organisation's first foray into winter sports. Only four full teams are competing - Alaska, the Yukon, Australia, and New Zealand - while several other member states are represented by one or two individual athletes, largely residents of Australia or New Zealand who have some kind of connection to the smaller islands. The opening ceremony coincides with the end of another Oceanic event, the annual convention of heads of government of the allied nations, which has been held in Juneau over the past week.

February 1st, 2020: Edward Poll: I am the "Lord Protector" who will lead the way! Woodbridgeflag3.png 83orgbritnatflagprop.png OBN HEADQUARTERS, Woodbridge - In his latest speech before the assembly of the Organisation of British Nations, Chairman Edward Poll has insisted that the organisation is the guide to a reunified England and that he as leader is, quote-unquote, "more than a leader, but a protector - a Lord Protector, as it were, who will lead the way". the term hearkening back to the age of Cromwell and the seventeenth-century Civil War. It is uncertain what he meant by this term. Supporters insist that Poll was simply making an analogy to another time of crisis in English history, while calling for unity. However, opponents (including several media publications across OBN member states) have interpreted the statement as an attempt to claim additional power for himself as a replacement monarch. Mr. Poll is yet to comment on the exact meaning of his words.


January 6, 2020: Cascadia admitted to the Union as the 13th state: Flag of the United States (1777-1795).svg DD1983 Cascadia Flag 2000 Civil.svg TORRINGTON - The iconic 13-star flag was ceremoniously raised in the National Mall Monday as the new flag of the United States, minutes after the President signed a bill of statehood making Cascadia the 13th state of the Union. Cascadia began as an alliance of small communities in the early 90s as a faction associated with the Spokane War. It has enjoyed increasingly close ties to the restored federal government since 2009. Citizens held simultaneous celebrations in each of Cascadia's member towns.


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