Alternative History

WWE Survivor Series was a 2002 professional wrestling event put on by World Wrestling Entertainment. It was the 16th annual Survivor Series, the 11th event of 2002, and the 155th event overall in the alternate WWF timeline. Emanating from Madison Square Garden in New York City, the main event was an Elimination Chamber match featuring Triple H defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Sting, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect, and Rob Van Dam. Other matches on the card included a WWE Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho, a triple threat tag team match for the World Tag Team Titles, and an interpromotional Survivor Series match between the Raw and Smackdown brands.


Since winning the World Heavyweight Title in July, Triple H had been ruling over Raw seemingly with an iron fist, and often in open defiance of Raw General Manager Dusty Rhodes. In this way, he had managed to crookedly win world title defenses against Sting, Mr. Perfect, Shawn Michaels, Kane and Rob Van Dam at various points over the previous 4 months. He had done this by allying himself with the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair as well as an unidentified masked man, later shown to be 3rd Generation star Randy Orton. This reached a crescendo when Orton and Triple H attacked Rhodes, sidelining him from being GM. In response, Raw owner Linda McMahon brought in Jim Cornette to act as the Interim General Manager of Raw. Cornette, never a fan of Triple H (as he admitted), created a match called the Elimination Chamber, in which all of Triple H's victims would be given the opportunity to fight him for the World Heavyweight Title once again.

Chris Jericho had defeated Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio at WWE No Mercy to earn a title shot at Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship. Jericho made certain to point out that he had never really gotten a fair rematch for the title he had won at Wrestlemania, and the odds he had overcome in coming back from injury. However the more pertinent story was the tension growing between the champion and his advocate Paul Heyman. It had started when Lesnar accepted the Undertaker's challenge for a Hell in a Cell match in the first place over Heyman's objections, disregarding his advocate's advice and then chastising him when Heyman confronted him on it. It continued leading up to Survivor Series, with lesnar eventually demanding that Heyman not accompany him to ringside inside Madison Square Garden in order to prove that he could beat Jericho on his own.

The Dudley Boys had dominated Raw's tag team scene throughout much of the year, but had recently run into trouble in the form of the Island Crue, Jamal and Rosey. The two latest descendants of the Ana'oi Samoan wrestling family, the two had run roughshod through the tag ranks and captured the World Tag Team Titles in convincing fashion. The Dudleys had attempted to recapture the titles on a variety of occasions, to no avail. Throwing a twist into the mix was the emergence of William Regal and his tag partner, British Wrestler Dave Taylor, who (thanks to help from the afore mentioned Dudleys) had been one of the only teams to defeat the champions. This led Jim Cornette to make a Triple Threat match between the two teams to settle who the real World Tag Team Champions should be.

The Survivor Series match was given a new twist given the new competition between the Raw and Smackdown brands. A 5 man team for each brand was selected in order to fight for "brand supremacy" as Vince McMahon termed it. Heading up the Smackdown brand was Kurt Angle, who chose Edge, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Bradshaw to represent the blue brand. Representing Raw was Intercontinental Champion Christian, with his cohort Batista as his running buddy. The team also consisted of D'Lo, Rocky Romero & Mark Henry, the latter of whom had unexpectedly switched brands due to Christian's "financial incentives."


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No. Results Stipulations Time
Pre-Show John Cena d. Ricky Reyes by Pinfall Interpromotional Match 9:20
1 Jerry Lynn (c) d. Kidman by Pinfall Singles Match for the WWE Lightheavyweight Title 16:10
2 Randy Orton w/Ric Flair d. Goldust by Pinfall Singles Match 8:59
3 Los Guerreros [Eddie & Chavo Guerrero] (c) d. Team Canada [Lance Storm & Chris Benoit] w/Tyson Kidd by Pinfall Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles 12:32
4 Victoria d. Trish Stratus (c) by Pinfall Singles Match for the WWE Women's Title 11:12
5 The Dudley Boys [Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley] d. The Island Crue [Jamal & Rosey] (c) & William Regal & Dave Taylor by Pinfall Triple Threat Match for the World Tag Team Titles 13:40
6 Team Smackdown [Kurt Angle, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Bradshaw] d. Team Raw [Christian, Batista, D'Lo, Rocky Romero & Mark Henry] in a Survivor Series Match (Angle & Edge Survivors) Interpromotional Survivor Series Match 15:32
7 Chris Jericho d. Brock Lesnar (c) by Pinfall Singles Match for the WWE Championship 14:57
8 Shawn Michaels d. Triple H (c), Sting, Mr. Perfect, Kane & Rob Van Dam in an Elimination Chamber Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship 27:30


The controversy of Jericho's win over Lesnar came with Paul Heyman's interference against his client, though apparently without Jericho's knowledge. Their would be a series of events afterwards resulting in Lesnar's temporary suspension (for attacking Vince McMahon) and Kurt Angle challenging Jericho for the title at Armageddon. Shawn Michaels' World Title victory over Triple H would lead to a one on one Ladder match at Armageddon for the title. Kane would have his arm kayfabe injured at the hands of Randy Orton the next night on Raw, setting up a longterm feud that would last to Wrestlemania. Christian's difficulties would also continue past Survivor Series, as he lost the Intercontinental Title the next night on Raw to Rob Van Dam.