The Welsh Republic was a sovereign state, officially forming in 1603 with the creation of parliament, and ending in 1723 after surrendering to England and being fully annexed, which followed with the Welsh Genocide, condemned by many countries.

Y Draig Aur Owain Glyndŵr

Official flag of the Republic of Wales


Wales, along with Scotland, declared itself an independent republic in 1591, fighting a successful war against England, which resulted in their independence. Over a long period, Wales remained a considerably strong trade power, investing higher in trade, merchants and a strong navy, while their army lacked the strength of her neighbors.

In 1712, Wales found itself being invaded by England, and for 11 years, the weaker Welsh army fought the English, while the Welsh navy made numerous victories, until it seemed that their luck ran out in 1719 with the English capturing Cardiff, the Welsh capital. However, the military still fought on, the army using guerrilla strategies that progressed the war to 1723, with the last Welsh villages being captured, the army completely slaughtered and the remaining navy fleeing to Ireland.

After annexing Wales, the English Lord Protector James Wilson issued a highly controversial decree ordering for the genocide of all Welsh males, while the women and girls were raped by English soldiers, making the children half-English, in an attempt to destroy Welsh culture, which was successful. although the actions were met with embargoes from France and Spain, and an excommunication by Pope Regorgis II.

Within 17 years of the decree, there were no reported males left in the region of Wales that had any Welsh genes, and thus autonomy in the region was completely removed, mentioning of the word "Wales" made illegal, and the region renamed to Terras.

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