Washington is the largest city in the Virginian state of Arizona. Washington contains Virginia's sole Pacific port, making it one of the busiest ports in Virginia and possibly the world. The city was named after Virginian president George Washington.

The city started as a Chinese fort in the mid 1700s. When gold was discovered in Chinese lands, many immigrants and gold seekers came to this city. After World War II, the city was transfered to Virginia, who occupied the land during the war. As Virginia's sole Pacific port, it became home to the Virginian Pacific Fleet, and many people immigrating from Asia came here. Washington was center for civil rights movements.


The area which would become Washington was originally settled by Native Brendanians. In the 1500s, China began to explore this areas. In the mid 1700s, China established a trading post and settlements here. The settlement would become known as Qianshao. Qianshao became one of the many China ports for its colonies.

In 1906, an earthquake struck San Francisco, diverting trade from it to other ports on the Pacific. Qianshao benefited from this, and trade increased ten-fold. Ships came to and from the port many times a day, and employment in the docks increased the city's economy. With the outbreak of World War I, ships from fleets docked in the harbors in the city. Many veterans moved to the city after the war. The city managed to go through the Great Despression relatively unscathed.

In World War II, many Chinese ships would sail from Qianshao to fronts. However, Spanish soldiers came and occupied the city. The advancing Virginians liberated the city, but continued to occupy it while the war raged. At the end of the war, China was debating with other nations of returning land. Currently in fierce negotiations with Alaska over area in the Russian Far East, China agreed to give Virginia the city while Virginia have it land in Southern Mexico.

Virginia renamed the city Washington, and many Spaniards came here from all across Philipia, leaving the ruined land they once lived at. Washington became one of the most diverse cities in Virginia and immigrants came from all corners of the globe. However, violence often occurred in the city, especially with a cold war happening between China and Virginia.

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