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Washington Shot at Murdering Town!
United Provinces of America (U.P.A)

For Americans, George Washington is the unbridled symbol of the nation, more influential than the other founding fathers for his leadership of the nation in war, and his presidency. While he did not literally write the law of the land, his judgment and character held the nation together and inspires the American identity into the present. Those outside of America see Washington as man who created the world power that today casts a shadow all across the globe

Yet on this website, let us imagine that this unifying strong figure who did anything, anything as commander to create the country, did not live to see the American Revolution. A difference of an inch may have all been the difference in determining the course of Washington's life and the course of a humanity unaware of his future deeds.

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Preliminary History

The following was written by the departed user AirshipArmada

Washington Dies

Young Major George Washington was executing his first important mission under Virginia's Governor Dinwiddie. French troops were said to be building forts west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which the Governor knew to be within Britain's territory. Washington was in command of a small group which was to travel through the inhospitable region and deliver a note to the French. These were essentially the first written words leading to the Seven Years War (The French and Indian War). Having exhausted his horses, Washington and his companions continued on foot through the snow. They reached a village called Murdering Town. The first inhabitant they encountered shot at them at point-blank range. In OTL neither Washington nor Christopher Ghist was hit. But what if...

Point of Divergence

Death of America's founding father George Washington on the Monongahela, 1755

The musket shot rings out echoing across the hills. Ghist draws his knife, runs after the Indian fully intending to kill him, but he then hears a soft groan behind him. He turns to see Major Washington collapse into the snow, grabbing at his lower left side. A gut shot! The small party quickly carries Washington to the tree line - the village is obviously hostile. They make a small bivouac and treat George as best as they can. But two days later Washington passes away. The year is 1753 and George Washington was only 21 years old.

Ghist and the others make a vengeance raid on the village; they kill five inhabitants but another member of their own party is also killed. Ghist himself is wounded slightly. They then continue onto Presque Isle (Erie, Pennsylvania) and deliver the note to the French. Three weeks later they begin their return trip, but are never heard from again.

Back in Virginia, Governor Dinwiddie grows impatient and eventually realizes that Washington's party will not be coming back. He begins to organize another group when word reaches him that the French have sent an envoy; Monsieur De Jumonville. Everyone knew that war was inevitable, but an empty diplomatic dance must first be performed. Dinwiddle demands that the French abandon Fort Duquesne and withdraw from "Ohio Country". Jumonville asserts that the French have rights to that territory and will not be moved.

[In OTL Washington lead a group to face the French near Fort Duquesne. They encountered Monsieur De Jumonville, who claimed to be a diplomat. Tanacharison, an Indian chief accompanying Washington, killed Jumonville and a general massacre followed - complete with scalping. This was the first violent act of the war. In this ATL Jumonville was not killed.]

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About this timeline

Washington Shot at Murdering Town! was created by the user AirshipArmda in 2006, he opened up his work to group collaboration. The Althist community found the project to have a great premise and elected for the timeline to be featured on the site. In the succeeding years this timeline was added onto by a team of creative users before the timeline was abandoned by 2009 leaving behind a great idea incomplete.

Since then Washington Shot at Murdering Town! has been adopted by the user Stepintime to develop the world on which the timeline takes place.

To go further the project here is envisioning a world, that experiments with the removal of one pivotal figure- George Washington. By far the greatest reaching consequences are in a different British Empire, the lack of sovereign New World Nations and a recoil against the liberal Ideals created by intellectuals in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Upon the year 2000 most nations are directed at least in name by a large imperial blocs, while the world still experiments modernity the experience of the majority of people has transformed drastically. Outside of politics - culture, technology in the perceptions of the people in this new world are transformed away from our own. The values of man have changed, he has come to see the true value in lasting security even if illusory than the vague concept of "freedom" associated with old liberal philosophers. Even while many of today's people enjoy a semblance of choice and democratic rights they are viewed completely differently. Rather than a way of life that was fought for and earned, they are seen as privileges of a secure society guaranteed by the authority of royalty, and their armies.

The theme is not about famous hinge points changing the world superficially , but the lesson that ideas, nations and individuals are at a crossroads; the activities of all people - whether they are a landowner, or a factory worker matter, are all linked. Consequently actions we take as individuals- matter at some point on a larger scale. Humanity, then shapes his own destiny.

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