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Wasteland Europe depicts what Europe would look like if the United States had not initiated the Marshall Plan for European Recovery. In OTL, former Secretary of State George Marshall created the European Recovery Plan, also known as the Marshall Plan. This plan would be used to turn Europe into an industrialized and rebuilt continent. However, what if America had other problems? What would happen? Instead, most of Europe, with a few exceptions, turns into a third-world slum where crime, depopulation, and poverty reign supreme.

The United States, without the burden of reconstructing Western Europe, prospers to higher levels in domestic trade. While not completely abandoning ties with Europe, the nation turns its interests inward. One of its prime objectives becomes establishing and securing its Pacific territories. Beginning with the occupation and rebuilding of Japan, the US extends its western border across the Pacific from Alaska to the Philippines (which with other south Pacific territories becomes the 49th state). Hawaii and Alaska are added as the 50th and 51st states soon after the Pacific Ocean Treaty Organization (POTO) assures that Communism remains in Europe and the USSR.

The Soviet Union, after collapsing twice due to corruption and over-expansion, reorganizes and becomes the strongest nation in the "Old World". Keeping a tight grip over its satellite states, while slowly adding them to its empire, its proximity to the last stronghold of Western Democracy remains a problem for Ireland and Portugal, two of the last stable nations in West Europe.

The rest of Europe slowly recovers, but is quite literally "burned to the ground" some years after World War II, after multiple wars and secession attempts.

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It was 1945.

The War had just ended, and the world was just beginning to feel the aftershocks. Cities lay in ruins. Hungry soldiers roamed the streets. Many countries, like Germany, were left without a leader. Then the Marshall Plan came.

In OTL, the Marshall Plan, an American stimulus package was used to jump-start Western Europe. However, in TTL, the United States decided to concentrate on the Pacific, where Japan may still possibly rise from the ashes to come back in a vengeful attack on US soil. Instead, each country in Europe which was allied with the United States, mainly Occupied France and the UK, were given a small stimulus package, and then left the ruins of Europe.

Germany lay in ruins. There was no government, and the Soviets had begun to pillage the remnants of Germany, rooting out every single Nazi-sympathizer. By the year 1950, Germany was indeed a Wasteland. Less than 6 million people remained alive, and most of those soon left for America or far-West Europe. Those who remained within German territories had retreated to the Prussias, which, under treaty with Russia, were given full independence. The rest of Germany remained a no-mans land.

The United Kingdom did not fare much better. There had been much physical destruction of London, but the government remained there. In a desperate attempt to stabilize the United Kingdom, it reluctantly sold Northern Ireland to the Irish Republic.

The United States managed to topple communism in the Pacific, and with the help of its ally the Republic of China, nobody can stand a chance against them.

France soon got divided as a result of Civil War, with the North French Republic in the north, and the French Republic of Vichy in the south, and they remain divided.

Nor was it a good time to be in Italy. With the remnants of the Italian Social Republic in the north, the Italian Alliance in the centre, and Sicily in the south, nobody knows who to trust, with the Vatican concentrating on mainly spiritual affairs. The Balkans have shown promise in the past few years, with Tito taking a somewhat independent role from the Soviet Union (as in OTL_.

Although the Soviets are still around, they control little to nothing of their former empire. For those seeking economic prospects it would be a good time to pack your bags to Ireland, Portugal, or Switzerland. Because there's nowhere to go but down in Wasteland Europe.

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