Alternative History
Federal Republic of Germany
Official language German
Capital Bonn
Head of state Horst Köhler
Head of government Wolfgang Schaeuble
Population 66,756,324
Independance 843 via Treaty of Verdun, FRG founded in 1949
Currency Euro

The Federal Republic of Germany is the dominating economic power in Europe and the third biggest in the world, after the USA and Japan. Though generally being considered a stable democracy, extremist right-wing parties have seen a massive influx of voters in the past elections, and they now make up over 29% of the German parliament. This is blamed by many on the unstable situation in Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe and the economic recession the FRG has experienced since 1995. Due to the many representatives by extremist parties, the current government is made up by a big coalition between the Christian Democrats (29,1%) and the Social Democrats (19,2%), under the chancellorship of Wolfgang Schaeuble (CDU) with Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) as his vice-chancellor and foreign minister.

List of chancellors of the Federal Republic of Germany

  • Konrad Adenauer (CDU), 1949-1963
  • Ludwig Erhard (CDU),1963-1966
  • Kurt Georg Kiesinger (CDU),1966-1969
  • Willy Brandt (SPD),1969-1974
  • Helmut Schmidt (SPD),1974-1982
  • Helmut Kohl (CDU),1982-1990
  • Oskar Lafontaine (SPD),1990-1996
  • Rudolf Scharping (SPD),1996-1998
  • Wolfgang Schaeuble (CDU),1998-

Makeup of the German Bundestag (2002 election)

  • CDU (Christian Democratic Union) 32,1% (-6,6)
  • NAD (National Alliance for Germany) 26,5% (+7.7)
  • SPD (Socialdemocratic Party of Germany) 21,4% (-4,7)
  • DKP (German Communist Party) 13,2% (+4,9)
  • Green Party 6,3% (-0,1)
  • Others 0,5% (-1,2)

The Free Democrats did not have participated in the 2002 Election. 4 Liberals were elected on the Lists of the CDU.

Current Makeup of the Bundestag (2006 election)

  • CDU/FDP (Christian Democratic Union/Free Democrats) 29,1% (-3,0)
  • NAD (National Alliance for Germany) 29,3% (+2,8)
  • SPD (Socialdemocratic Party of Germany) 19,2% (-2,2)
  • DKP/Left (German Communist Party/Left) 15,8% (+2,6)
  • Green Party 4,2% (-2,1)
  • Others 1,4% (+0,9)

The CDU unified with the Liberal FDP three months before the 2006 election. The former Chancellor Oskar Lafontaine founded in 2005 the "Left Party" with members of the left wing of the SPD. The CDU/FDP gained exactly the same number of seats like the NAD, Horst Köhler has asked current Chancellor Wolfgang Schaeuble (CDU/FDP) to form a gouverment.