Free Republic of the Western Federation of America
Timeline: Timeline 1867 (Kansas)

OTL equivalent: States of Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Idaho and parts of Wyoming, Washington and Colorado.
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Vesperania
Largest city Portland
  others French
President Thomas F. Meagher
Independence Declared Independence: 1867

Recognised by US: 1869 (Treaty of Saint John)

Currency Western dollar, US dollar

The Western Federation is composed of most of the former members of the 'Western Territory', including Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Idaho and parts of Wyoming, Colorado and most of Washington.


The capital was originally established in Corvallis, Oregon, then moved to Eugene, Portland, Boise and finally Vesperania. List of Capitals

  • September 1867-March 1868: Corvallis, Oregon (Capital and Seat of Government)
  • March 1868-December 1868: Eugene, Oregon (Capital and Seat of Government)
  • December 1868-January 1869: Portland, Oregon (Provisional Capital)
  • January 1869-March 1869: Boise, Idaho (Provisional Capital and Seat of Government)
  • since March 1869: Vesperania, Idaho (Capital and Seat of Government)

Vesperania, formerly Idaho City, was chosen as capital because of its central location and relatively easy ability to be defended. It was named Vesperania from the Latin root vesper, meaning 'West or Western'.

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