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Serene Crown of Westminster
Kingdom of Westminster
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Honi soit qui mal y pense
Rule, Westminster!
Royal anthem: 
God Save the Queen
(and largest city)
City of Westminster
Official languages English
Regional Languages Latin
English English
Ethnic groups (2013) Royal English, Romano-English
Religion Queen's Christianity
Demonym Westministerian, United Kingdomer
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Empress Victoria XI
 -  First of Ministers Charles Farage (National)
Legislature Parliament of Westminster
 -  Upper house House of Victory
 -  Lower house House of Peasants
Currency Pound Sterling (£)
Time zone UTC (UTC0)
Date formats DD/MM/YYYY

The Serene Crown of Westminster, more informally the Kingdom of Westminster, is a small constitutional monarchy located in what once was Central London, in the former Borough of Westminster and part of the Borough of Chelsea. Westminster fancies itself the restoration of the former United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and its international empire, but its power wanes within miles of its territorial centre. Westminsterian society is rooted in Victorian-era morals and etiquette, with some recent evolution. While mostly a trading state, it produces a lot of agricultural goods in what used to be the Royal Parks of London, mostly under their control. It is the chief rival to the City of London to the east.

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