Kingdom of Westralia (en)
웨수투레일리야 왕국 (kr)
Timeline: Emancipation (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Western Australia
Flag of Western Australia 1869 — present
Westralia-flag.svg Western Australian Coat of Arms.svg
Coat of arms
Cygnis Insignis (Latin)
Distinguished for swans
Song of the Swan
Song of the Swan

Royal anthem: 
Mine Faithful King
Imperial Anthem of the Russian Empire (1833-1917)

Official languages English
Regional Languages Korean
Demonym Westralian
West(ern) Australian
Sandgroper (colloquial)
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Alexander I
 -  Prime Minister Harold Symons (DLP)
Legislature Royal Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house National Assembly
Historical era British Revolutions 
 -  Independence referendum 18 July 1869 
 -  Declaration of Independence 1 August 1869 
 -  Coronation of Alexander I 1 February 1870 
 -  1869 2,529,875 km2 
976,790 sq mi 
 -  1877 census 251,298 
 -  Density 0.10/km2 
0.26/sq mi
Currency Westralian Sovereign (WSV)
Drives on the Left

Westralia, officially known as the Kingdom of Westralia, is a sovereign state in Oceania. Westralia occupies the western third of the Australasian mainland. Westralia shares its only border with the Republic of Australia to the east. With an area of 2,529,875km2, Westralia is the second-largest state in Oceania, and is also the least densely-populated, with a population of only around 300,000 as of 1876.

Westralia's throne was formed following the issuance of its Declaration of Independence from the Empire of Greater Britannia on 1 August 1869, a date which is now celebrated as Independence Day. However, it remained unoccupied until the December of that year, when Prince Alexander of the Netherlands accepted an offer from the Government to become King. He was crowned on 1 February 1870, and founded the House of Swan-Orange-Nassau, Westralia's second and current royal house, after Britain's House of Hanover.

Soon after the coronation of Alexander I, the Government applied for membership in the Treaty of Hanseong, offering to open its primary port of Fremantle in Perth to signatories.

Administrative divisions


Westralia is divided into six states and two unorganised territories. Each state has its own semi-autonomous State Government and its own State capital.

  • States
    • Auralia (AU) — Esperance
    • Gascoyne (GA) — Carnarvon
    • Kimberley (KI) — Broome
    • Pilbara (PL) — Theodora
    • Stirling (ST) — Augusta
    • Swan (SW) — Fremantle/Perth
  • Royal Swan Territories
    • Hong Kong (HK) — Administration shared with Australia.
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