Alternative History
Plasmid nuclear bomb.jpg

Why don't the US simply nuke the Nazis?

Possible reasons:

  • Manhattan Project cancelled
  • Bad conscience because of e.g. many thousands dead Japanese
  • Luftwaffe too good (no help though against ICBMs)
  • Communism seen as more dangerous
  • Peaceful coexistence
  • Nazis have nukes too (horror!)
  • Just fed up with big causes
  • "V3" exploding over New York
  • Nazis threaten to kill even more Slavs in case the Allies nuke Germany - or French, even
  • Hope that "after Hitler, things will improve". (But compare how Stalin followed Lenin...)
  • Bogged down in 'Nam or so
  • Too expensive (Anglo economy suffers since European markets stay closed!)
  • Fear for the scarce young men
  • Nuclear winter to be avoided? Discovered how, when? (1952, after hydrogen bomb tests.)

And why not the Soviet Union? Unless they simply have none...