Willem Lodewijk Mackell
200px-Billy Mitchell
Photo Portrait of General Mackell, circa 1919
Born December 29th, 1879
Antwerp, Netherlands
Died February 19th, 1936
Kaapstad, South Africa
Title Air Marshall for Allied Forces during the Second World War

Brigadier General Willem L. Mackell is a South Africa military commander and air marshal for the South African Air Force following the later stages of the 2nd World War. It's all essentially thanks to Mackell's credit for the concept and usage of strategic bombing. Even as South African troops were caught up fighting in West Africa, Quenya, Madagascar, and the Western Front, the country lacked an air force. First deploying German Albatross fighters, the South African Air Corps became the bombing section of the Allied air forces in Wallonia and Alsace-Lorraine. From bases in Flanders and the Rhineland, Mackell's bombers did their job until the end of the war.

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