William I
Reign 3rd May 2010 -
Coronation May 20, 2010
Predecessor None (National Council)
Spouse Queen Muriel
Princess Anne

Crown Princess Linda

Princess Julie

Prince Mark

Full name
William Edward David Harrison
House House of Harrison
Religion Church of England

Pre-Doomsday, he was a farmer and a successful one at that. He was a wealthy man and was renkowned in farming circles throughout the East of England. Post-Doomsday, as his rural home was cut off from the world, he continued to farm, providing for his community and ensuring those in his immediate area were fed. However while this was happening,East Britain had been born and the National Council was buying up land from farmers as its state run economy grew. When William found out about this he stood up for farmer's rights and moved from the agricultural field to the political one, all the time calling out for farmers rights. He grew to be a prominent politician and helped form the Agricultural Party. Because of this move from the fields to the political battlefield, the unsafe exposure to dangerous chemicals that might one day have killed him was dramatically reduced, though small cancers would trouble him for the rest of his life. He was a strong man with a strong will to fight. The more austere life lead to his heart being healthier, making him a successful and eloquent politician, though one that had some difficulty with writing. Though not leader of the Agricultural Party, he was a strong voice on the National Council and his political ideas about agricultural redistribution lead to a proliferation of jobs as young men and women served their 'National Service' not in the Guardsmen but in the fields. His popularity as food became an exportable product and wealth flowed into East Britains coffers ultimately lead to his election as King of East Britain. Already, though his reign has only just begun really, a number of issues have already cropped up. East Britain has taken part in its first international war, battling against the evil of the True British Army. There has been an election crisis as East Britain has ascended to the world stage. His daughter Anne has given up the post of Crown Princess, choosing to concentrate on farming and now recently the Celtic Blockade Crisis has arisen.

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