Alternative History
William VI and V
William VI and V by Hudson Van Peij
King of England, Scotland and Ireland (more ...)
Reign 9 May 1770 –

16 November 1834

Coronation 20 July 1770
Predecessor Edward VII and I
Successor William VII
King of Appalachia
Reign 4 March 1813 –

16 November 1834

Predecessor None (title created)
Successor William II
Spouse Sophie of Pfalz-Zweibrücken
Full name
William Augustus Frederick
House House of Orange-Nassau
Father Prince Frederick, Duke of Cumberland
Mother Elizabeth Louise of Prussia
Born 25 July 1750
[N.S.: 5 August 1750]
Enfield Hall, London
Died 16 November 1834 (aged 84)
Audley End House, Essex
Burial 1 December 1834
Westminster Abbey, London
Religion Anglican

William VI and V (William Augustus Frederick; O.S. 25 July 1750 – N.S. 16 November 1834) was King of England, Scotland and Ireland from 9 May 1770 to his death. From 4 March 1813, he was also styled with the additional title of King of Appalachia.

The eldest son of Prince Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, the third son of King William IV, William VI's reign of 64 years remains the longest of any British monarch in history.