Alternative History

Hitler in Paris, 1940.

June 28th, 1940: France has fallen. The Greater German Reich has conquered Paris, and France is divided. Adolf Hitler now contemplates his next action: Initiate either Operation Sealion or Operation Barbarossa.

But on the 28th of June, 1940, the entirety of human history changed.

Hitler was secretly contacted by the Zheronians, a fierce batlike species from a distant star system with a space fleet positioned around the earth, lead by the flagship Za'Daoma. The Zheronian adjutant, Karemus, proposed an alliance between his species and the Reich.

The Zheronians controlled a massive empire spanning several star systems. Their method of conquest was simple: allying with a powerful sect of the native species, and assist them in defeating all that opposed them. The Zheronian fleet admiral (in human terms), Vor'Kloren, decided that Hitler's Germany was that very faction of humanity destined to receive aid. Vor'Kloren proposed to Hitler that both his fleet and the Reich launch a joint invasion of Britain. Hitler, recognizing the opportunity, agreed. Operation Sealion was on.