Alternative History

In OTL, Charles I dreamed of uniting the whole British Isles, fulfilling his father's dream, James I of England. He wanted to ban the English Parliement so he could succeed this. However, this soon cause the English Civil War, resulting in his death. In this ATL however, what would happen if he wouldn't do such a thing? Here is an open timeline that shows the events without the English Civil War.


There are many events without the English Civil War that had changed everything forever. Without the English Civil War, there is no Seven Years War, no decline of France, no Napoleon in power, no French Revolution, the still-existing existince of the Habsburgs, no loss of the American Colonies for all European nations, and the rise of Britain.

First, Britain. Without the English Civil War, Charles I gets his chance to invade all of the kingdoms at the British Isles. Without a war to stop him, he also shapped the British Empire in a different way. This soon followed a chain of events- the continuing of the Golden Age of Britain, which means faster colonization. Without English Civil War plus without his execution means that Charles I lives and his dreams of the unification of the British isles goes out on plan. The House of Stuart becomes a long-lasting dynasty, which still exists. There is no Seven Years War or no American Revolution. That means that reforms had spread there to prevent a revolution. George Washington because a famous army leader, which helps Britain in their conquests.That means that Britain is still an absolute monarchy. 

Then, France. Without the English Civil War means that

Then, the Habsburgs.

Then, Russia.

Then, the rest of the world.