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The World News provide you everything occurring on the world, after the Failure of making Italy United.



December 8th: Election results for the leading party 25px FLORENCE, Florence - Election results for the leading party (Democratic Party) are clear: Matteo Renzi is the new leader.


May 6th: Addio Giulio Andreotti Flag of Lazio (1861 HF) ROME, Lazio - Giulio Andreotti, born in 1919, first Prime Minister of After-WWII Lazio, died at the age of 94, in his home.


March 3rd: Egyptians do not approve new Constitution. Flag of Egypt (1922–1958) CAIRO, Egypt - After the controversial proposal of President Mohamed Morsi by making the Constitution a Sharia-like set of laws, many members of the Egyptian National Alliance and other socialist/laic parties protested in Tahrir Square. Morsi officially announced he will repeal his proposal.

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