1989 (The Beginning)

America and the Soviets were both facing a dramatic end to the Cold War but neither knew how it would end. Though it appeared that it would be the Soviets they decided to start the end war; World War 3. In the months leading to their major attack they made sure the Warsaw Pact was on its side and they all agreed except a horrified Poland. In March the Polish withdrew from the Warsaw Pact (The name changes to the Kiev Pact) and immediately beg NATO to accept them. NATO is suspicious but decide to allow them to join but immediately much of the Polish government is killed in an attack from Kiev Pact supporters. Poland is still able to remain under NATO but NATO never discovers the impending doom. Russia is pissed but knows that Poland will be part of the opening shot. In August the Soviets invade Afghanistan. NATO demands withdrawal and the Soviets response is a threat of war and NATO backs off out of fear. After three months of severe fighting the Soviets secure the country and Russia now prepares for its next targets: NATO. In October the Yugoslavian government out of fear of invasion from the U.S.S.R. join NATO. NATO is reluctantly accepting these new members but knows it could use the help. On November 9 it begins with the surprise invasion. The Soviets begin with a small attack on Alaska - all being military raids, and major assaults across Western, Central and Northern Europe. The main assaults are in Iceland, Norway, Yugoslavia, West Berlin and West Germany, Denmark, Poland, Albania, Austria, Greece, and Turkey. The Kiev Pact and other socialist/communist countries fight NATO supported countries but these smaller parts of the war are less focused and petty to NATO and the U.S.S.R. In the first couple weeks Berlin falls along with much of West Germany. Italy holds off the Russians for a bit for now. Yugoslavia is falling apart as are Albania, Greece and Turkey. In Poland the Soviets are marching like nothing seen since the Nazi invasion of Poland. In Iceland communications have collapsed allowing for Soviet ships to sneak in and the Soviets have also taken much of the island. In Norway the Soviets have marched deep from the North and Baltic Sea as they also have from the west in Denmark. In late December the Soviets are at the West German border with France and the Low Countries, have Iceland overrun, Yugoslavia and Poland along with the rest of the Balkans under Soviet control and the Italian Army falling apart at the Battle of Venice.


1990 (The Beginning of the End)

As Europe falls into a stalemate because of greater American assistance the Soviets decide to flee Alaska and prepare for a new target: Seattle. On January 14 the Soviets launched two tactical nukes. One is aimed at Washington DC and the other at Paris. DC is saved by American technology but since France kicked NATO out in the 1960s Paris was destroyed without any defense and France now allows NATO to come back and promise to redeem Paris and are now fully engaged in the war. On March 4 the Soviets defeat the Italians and other NATO forces at Venice and the rest of Italy is projected to fall under the Iron Curtain by May. The next day at around 5pm the Soviets sneak into the port area of Seattle and paratroopers land all across the city. The Americans mustered what force they could but in the end it fled to the suburbs the next day as Soviet re-inforcements came in to relieve the already battled Soviets. As people watched their friends die in front of them it was clear there was utter chaos. In Washington the president is told and he immediately holds an address to the nation. President Bush announces of the attack and promises to redeem America. On March 12 the Americans retreat further into the Cascade mountains and prepare to make a stand at Olympia. As the war in Europe and America worsens the Chinese join in on the side of the Soviets and use the Seattle beachhead to invade and also have their own plans. Japan officially then joins the war on the side of America and NATO now that China is involved. In Europe the Soviets march into the Low Countries and into Southern France. On April 22 the Chinese invade San Diego but avoid anything near the Mexican border. In Washington, Olympia becomes a battlefield as planes fall out of the sky every minute and every 5 out of 7 soldiers die every minute. When the Battle of Olympia ends, the Americans get their first victory and prepare to attack occupied zones in the Seattle suburbs within a week. Meanwhile in Europe, NATO retreats further into France as by now the Soviets have taken all of Southern and Northeastern France, and have begun their march into Portugal and Spain. The Chinese in San Diego have also failed and begin to prepare for a long war with Japan. On May 11 American and NATO forces begin to send back the Soviets out of France and Norway but they have forgotten about a certain nation, Great Britain which is now being prepared to be invaded from Iceland by the angry Soviets. On May 22, 10 days after the Soviets lose in France and Norway, the Soviets invade Glasgow and paradrop into the countryside. Within a week much of the north has fallen and the Soviets are now preparing to take London and other cities. In Seattle, the Soviets retreat to within the city as they bomb everything behind them. The Soviets and Chinese then retreat by June 6 and prepare to fight hard in Asia. Meanwhile, Japan has already engaged the Chinese in the Yellow Sea and its not looking good. In Europe the Soviets retake their old occupation zones and begin to take new ones. As Britain falls, the Americans decide to invade Iceland to be able to free Britain. They make a diversion which is a slow and steady invasion of Eastern Siberia from Alaska. On July 17 the invasion takes place and the Soviets begin to fall back in Western Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and Iceland. When the Soviets retreat they destroy everything and prepare to make a stand at Berlin. On August 8 the Chinese surrender and a simple peace is signed. Meanwhile in Siberia the Americans and now the Japanese have taken much of the eastern half and are preparing to march deeper into Russia. On September 2 the Soviets flee West Germany and begin to set up massive defenses in and around Berlin. Nine days later the Americans and other NATO forces begin to attack Berlin as the Soviets begin to discuss a possible peace and overthrow of Gorbachev. In Soviet Russia itself the government prepares for one last massive attack. Gorbachev promises if the Soviets lose the Battle of Berlin they will surrender and promise to make all damages paid for and territories restored but from within the government others think otherwise of Gorbachev's plan. While these plots are focused on the Americans, French, British, Dutch, and some West German forces begin to enter Berlin and house to house fighting begins and the Soviets prepare to sue for peace. In Britain the last Soviet troops surrender. On September 21 the Soviets retreat to the eastern half of Berlin and begin to call in bombers and fighters to stall the NATO forces. The next day Cuba joins the Soviets and invade the Florida Keys and begin to march up the island chain. The shocked Americans launch two tactical nukes at Cuba, one which is aimed at Havana and the other at Santa Clara. Both hit their targets and Cuba quickly surrenders and recalls all troops by September 25. On October 1 the Soviets surrender in Berlin and announce unconditional surrender. When Gorbachev announces this to the public a fellow party member shoots and kills him and quickly a coup d'etat occurs and the unknown men now in power launch ten nukes at the following targets of: Washington D.C., London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, Boston, and Atlanta. The quick launch is unknown for two hours until the first target of Athens is hit and the others are noticed over Europe. NATO forces are able to shoot down the ones headed for Paris, London, Washington DC, Lisbon, Atlanta, Boston, and Madrid but the other targets of Rome and Berlin are already too close which leads to a hasty evacuation and the destruction of the cities. The Americans immediately launch five nukes at the Soviet Union at the cities of Leningrad, Volgograd, Vladivostok, Moscow, and Stalingrad and all detonate on target. The Soviet government is destroyed and what is left surrenders and peace is restored to the world. As the last months of the year go by peace plans are drawn up and the future is planned for the fallen power of Soviet Russia and its allies that were.

The Future (1990-Present), Differences and Changes

The war that nearly destroyed everything is now over but time has changed forever and these pointers will tell of the changes in time:

  • The Persian Gulf War (1992-1994) still happens but this time Iraq ends up with Kuwait and Iraq becomes a major power in the Mid East leading to major tensions and lots of terrorist attacks in the troubled region, especially in Iraq.The 1993 WTC car bomb never happens as the Americans are viewed as heroes by people in the Mid East for saving a fellow Islamic nation from the "Evil Soviets". Instead a car bomb damages the new government buildings in the "new" Moscow.
  • In '95 the Oklahoma City bombing still occurs.
  • Bill Clinton is defeated by Bush, Sr. in '92 but in '96 Bush's former VP is defeated by Clinton/Gore because people fear more involvement in the Mid East.
  • In Russia the collapse occurred in 1997 when it split into the countries that it did in OTL except that Russia kept the Caucasus region.
  • The Warsaw Pact became dissolved in 1998 and by 2004 most old countries of the alliance had joined a stronger NATO and also became part of the European Union and adopted the Euro by 2007.
  • Clinton was president 'til 2004 when his limit was up and then Gore ran but lost to John McCain who, with a fairly Democrat congress, failed to do much while in power leading to the election of Barack Obama as the economy began to slowly tank because of some barely passed McCain policies that were really bad ideas and failed to accomplish much as he also put the country in a three trillion dollar debt in just four years and now Barack Obama is trying to eliminate this debt.
  • 9/11 never occurred but instead a nuclear suitcase bomb went off in Baghdad killing everyone and especially Saddam Hussein which led to the still raging Iraqi Civil War( 2001-Present) where UN forces have failed to save the country from complete destruction and collapse.

The world is clearly very different and more based on the fact that Russia is ruined and Iraq has collapsed and the world is clearly heading for World War 4.

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