World War II
Night of the Living Alternate History
Date 12 July 1996 - 18 July 1999
Location Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Baltic Sea, Middle East, Pacific Ocean, China, Indochina, Southwest US, Eastern US
Flag of Russia (neon)Russia

Flag of Finland (1918-1920)Finland
Flag of SwedenNationalist Swden
ScandinavianEmpireScandinavian Nationalists
Flag of UkraineOccupied Ukraine
Flag of FranceFrance
Flag of South KoreaKorea
Flag of Wu NotLAHWu
Manchurian Rebels
White Sands New Mexico/Las Cruces
RoFFlag Rezurrectionist Florida
And Others

NotLAHfourth ReichGermany

Flag of the United StatesUnited States
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratioCommonwealth
BalticsConf. Baltics
Flag of the Republic of Italy (NotLAH)Italy
Flag of LombardyLombardy
Flag of Most Serene Republic of VeniceVenice
Flag of CroatiaCroatia
Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Flag of the NetherlandsNetherlands
Flag of the Empire of Vietnam (1945)Vietnam
And Others

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Russia (neon)Vladimir Putin

Flag of Russia (neon)Yegor Gaidar
And Others

NotLAHfourth ReichKarl von Habsburg

NotLAHfourth ReichRoman Herzog
NotLAHfourth ReichDeidrich Dopfer
NotLAHfourth ReichFranz Aehrenthal
Flag of the United StatesBill Clinton
Flag of the United StatesNorman Schwarzkopf Jr.
Flag of SwitzerlandHans Hubner
Flag of SwitzerlandHans Gallman
And Others

Flag of Russia (neon)7,140,000

Flag of Finland (1918-1920)300,000
Flag of Sweden200,000
Flag of France500,000
Flag of South Korea6,000,000


World War III (WW3 or WWIII), also known as the Third World War, was a global war that begin in 1997. It involved the vast majority of the world's nations, including the world's great powers, who eventually formed into two allies based on those used during the Second World War; the Axis and the Allies. World War Three was the most widespread and deadly war since World War Two. Nations involved placed their nation's entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities toward the war effort, creating a global state of total war. Marked by massive destruction and death of civilians, and the only war since World War Two to utilize nuclear weapons, the war devastated countries across the world.

During this time fears from the Cold War were brought back to life, as civilians and leaders alike feared the possibility of global destruction through nuclear exchange. Belligerents on both sides of the conflict possessed nuclear weapons which could be used to kill millions of people, and if were not for extensive negotiations and treaties, many believe the world could have been completed turn to ruin.

War in Asia had begun months earlier than the outbreak of World War Three, with hostilities between Wu and Vietnam, but most historians place the beginning of the war at 12 July 1996, when the Russian Federation began its invasion of Eastern Europe. After the initial invasion Russia was able to quickly advance through the region, occupying Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and other nations. Believing that Russia had to be stopped, and after the international communities' demands were not met, Germany, the United States, and several other nations declared war on Russia, and Russia's allies.

The nations of Italy, Lombardy, Venice, Croatia, and Switzerland, who with Germany made up the nations of the Central Alliance, were obliged to declare war on Russia and aid Germany, while the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the nations of northern France, who with the United States made up the Channel League, where obligated to aid the United States, further escalating the war. Several international organizations were torn by World War Three, as members of the Pacific Cooperative Organization and other alliances declared war on one another. In Asia the two dominate forces; Wu and Vietnam, battled for hegemony over all of Asia, with Korea and parts of Manchuria siding with Wu, and Tibet, Burma, and other nations siding with Vietnam.


Most historians agree that the war officially began on 12 July 1996 with the Russian invasion of Eastern Europe. Others place the date almost one year later when Germany officially declared war on Russia. Rarely the date is placed earlier, including the wars in Asia as part of World War Three, although this is disputed.

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