In our Timeline, Britain was an important part of the allies of WW2. But what if Britain had joined the Axis Powers in WW2? This timeline is my version of a alternate WW2.

The War lasted from 1939 to 1944.


The Original Axis Powers of the alternate History

Differences From Our Timeline

  • D-Day is not as successful or doesn't even happen.
  • Britain's colonies such as Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada, joins WW2 on the side of the Axis powers.
  • The evacuation of Dunkirk is not successful or doesn't happen, either way, a lot of French troops are either killed or taken prisoner.
  • The invasion of the Soviet Union and Scandinavia is successful and the combined British and German troops push the government into Siberia.
  • Little fighting happens on the Western and Mediterranean fronts.
  • China is defeated and the remaining government flees to America.
  • America joins with Mexico and other South American countries to form the AUOAC (American Union Of Allied Countries).

Same Events As Our Timeline

  • The Attack on Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, USA by the Japanese forces.
  • The Luftwaffe still imploy the Blitzkrieg method on the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • France is still overrun quickly and a puppet government is set up.
  • Nazi Germany ignores the German-Soviet friendship treaty and invades Russia.


  • 1936 - The main point of divergence from our timeline. King of The UK, Edward VIII does not abdicate.
  • 1937 - Edward and his government strikes a allyship with Nazi Germany.
  • 1939 - Italy joins the London-Berlin pact to make a military alliance called the Pact of Steel.
  • 1939 - Germany invades Poland with the Soviet Union. France declares war on Germany, Britain declares war with France.
  • 1940 - Japan joins the Pact of Steel under the Quadruple Pact of Berlin.
  • 1940 - The Soviet Union annexes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • 1940 - Germany and the British Forces invade Scandinavia. Later that year, Germany invades France through Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Britain launches a invasion on the French coast and Italy also invaded. On 20 May, France is successfully conquered and is spilt between the three invading countries.
  • 1941 - German, Italian and British troops invade the Soviet Union from the West. In late 1941, the Soviet Union was defeated and its government was pushed Into Siberia.
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