Alternative History

14th January 1935: Germany, under the rule of the Nazi party, blitzes into France and Belgium.

19th January 1935: German forces press into Belgium, which surrenders. Eastern and Northern France have been captured.

21th January 1935: Spain invades Portugal with the assistance of Germany. A formal alliance is signed between Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey.

22th January 1935: France is conquered. Portugal is conquered. Germany now points its troops at Switzerland and Austria. Japan invades Manchuria and Korea.

25th January 1935: Another Blitz is launched, this time into Austria. Italy invades British colonies, as French ones have been ceded over to Germany.

30th January 1935: Britain is outraged at Italy's African campaign. However, it takes no action.

4th February 1935: Austria is conquered. Switzerland is conquered. Germans prepare for "Operation Strategic Blitzkrieg". Japan agrees to cooperate. Germany will push into the USSR satellites and western USSR, Turkey will strike into the Caucasus, and Japan into Pacific USSR.

7th February 1935: A strategic bomber force attacks Philadelphia and New York. Italy launches a surprise strike into the US Medit. Fleet. The US, shocked at the deaths of civilians, discusses war on the Axis.

19th February 1935: The Netherlands and Denmark are ruthlessly attacked by the Germans. They prepare for Operation Strategic Blitzkrieg.

28th February 1935: Denmark and the Netherlands are conquered. Turkey and Italy conquer Greece. Italy is now advancing to oil-rich areas in Africa, while Turkey invades Persia (Iran), Iraq and Syria.

4th March 1935: Japan signs a non-aggression pact with the Axis, but formally it is still neutral. They are in a difficult war with the Chinese, and are preparing to settle for Manchuria and Korea.

9th March 1935: Great Britain declares war on Italy as the Italians approach Nigeria. Battles take place. Turkey and Spain resolve to help, resulting in a British retreat.

17th March 1935: Germany lands troops in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The three governments surrender.

21st March 1935: The US declares war on the Axis. It starts deploying men to Great Britain.

7th April 1935: Operation Strategic Blitzkrieg is launched.

10th April 1935: Turkey marches into the Caucasus in a very fast manner. The region is taken quickly. Japan invades Pacific USSR, and has much of the region under control.

19th April 1935: Germany has conquered Poland and Czechoslovakia. The USSR is too shocked to react. Meanwhile, the USA and UK attack Africa, and drive back the Axis there.

21th April 1935: Half-hearted Spain withdraws from North Africa.

30th April 1935: German-held Finland launches an invasion into northeastern USSR. The USSR is now fighting ferociously in the Caucasus.

9th May 1935: A large scale invasion into Britain.

11th May 1935: The Siege of London begins. At the Battle of Belarus, tank forces face off in a tactical and strategic tie. A heavy strategic loss but tactical victory appears in the Caucasus to the Turkish.

23th May 1935: The Siege of London is won by the Germans. The Axis' high water mark is close.

7th June 1935: The USSR has lost the most by now. The counterstrike is to begin soon. At the Caucasus, the Soviets and the Turks are ferociously fighting. Finland is now no man's land.

19th June 1935: The British flee to Ireland. The USA is now ready to stab into German Britain.