Alternative History
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Storm Clouds

1931: Japan occupies Manchuria.

1932: In response to the growing anti-Semitism in Germany, Albert Einstein and his wife move to Britain.

1934: The Russian Duma outlaws all Communist parties and some Socialist parties. Leftists politicians are arrested across the country and sent to Siberia.

1935: The last Chinese communist stronghold is captured.

1938:The Munich Agreement is signed by Great Britain and The Reich over the Sudentenland, which houses many ethnic germans in Czechoslavkia. Neville Chamberlain proclaims it " Peace of Our Time"

1939: Albert Einstein speaks with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain about the construction of an atomic bomb. Chamberlain is uninterested.

On August 23rd, American-German Non-Aggression Pact was signed. Adolf Hitler realized that even though the Americans did poorly in World War I, he believed the presence of American troops in France bought enough time for Russia to clean up the Bolsheviks and then drive the German armies west. Hitler did not want a repeat of WWI again.

The War begins

1939: World War II begins on September 1st when Germany invades Poland, taking control of the country by the end of the month. By then Britain and France had given up on appeasement and declared war on Germany. Both attempted to get Russia to join them but Russia viewed Japan as a bigger threat, who they were fighting an undeclared war near the border of Manchuria. They would keep an eye on Germany but would not try to get involved in a war with them.

President Patton, meanwhile, declares war on the Empire Mexico, with the official intention of regaining territory lost during the Second Revolution (but in reality hoping to conquer Mexico and spread Communism into Central and South America), starting the Third Mexican War. The People's Army had three times as many soldiers as the Mexicans, 30 times as many aircraft, and a hundred times as many tanks. The People's Army, however, had poor leadership and low morale due to government purges against alleged capitalist moles. Because of these factors, and the British/French armed and trained Mexican military, Mexico was able to resist the Soviet, containing them in the northern Mexican states.

1940: France falls to Germany. Great Britain, led by the newly elected Prime Minister Winston Churchill, was left all alone to fight Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile, a select group of British scientists begin working on a secret project on a lonely Scottish Isle. It is code named "Excalibur."

In North America, hostilities between the USSA and Mexico cease in March 1940 with the signing of the Debs Peace Treaty. Mexico returns territory taken during the Second Revolution, Baja California and 30 percent of its economic assets. American losses on the front were heavy, and the country's international reputation suffered. The American forces did not accomplish their objective of the total conquest of Mexico, but did win a symbolic victory by regaining former American territory. The Mexicans, however, retained their sovereignty and enhanced their international reputation.

1941: The Empire of Japan launches a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, wrecking most of the USSA Pacific fleet. The next day, President Patton of the USSA declares war on Japan. Following Italy and Germany's declaration of war, the USSA is dragged into the war in Europe.

1942: The Dolittle Raid, though only causing minimal damage, is vital to the morale of the American war effort. Battle of Midway becomes the turning point of the war as the Japanese lose a large number of there aircraft careers to the American fleet. American forces spearhead the invasion of North Africa to liberate it from Italy and Germany; meanwhile American communist agitators infiltrate the native populations to incite revolt.

The scientists of the Excalibur Project develop the first successful atomic pile.

The Tide Turns:1943-1946

1943: Germany's Africka Corps is defeated at El Alamein and Germany is forced to flee back to Europe