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For the background and causes of the First World War, see "Divide and Conquer", the main article: Divide and Conquer.


June 28: Assassination of Woodrow Wilson in Havana ,Cuba.

July 23: The Confederacy sends an ultimatum to Mexico, and the Mexican response is seen as unsatisfactory.

July 28: The Confederate States of America declares war on Mexico. The United States mobilizes. The Great War begins.

July 31st: Great Britain delivers an ultimatum to the United States to stop mobilizing. The US declares it is only against the Confederacy.

August 1st: Great Britain declares war on the United States.

August 1st: France declares neutrality.

August 1st: Germany and the Ottoman Empire form a secret alliance against Great Britain.

August 3rd: The United States declares war on Canada.

August 4th: The United States invades Quebec to outflank the Canadian/British Army.

August 4th: Great Britain invades Belgium

August 4th: Great Britain declares war on Germany.

August 5th: Montenegro and Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary.

August 5th - August 16th: The United States bombards the Canadian fort at Montreal.

August 6th: The Confederate States of America declares war on the United States

August 6th: Mexico declares war on Great Britain

August 7th: The British-Canadian Expeditionary Force arrives in Canada at Halifax.

August 9th: Mexico declares war on Canada.

August 11th: Germany declares war on the Confederacy

August 12th: Great Britain and Russia declare war on Austria-Hungary

August 14th - August 24th: Battle of the St. Lawrence. The United States is victorious against the Canadian and British forces.

August 16th - August 19th: Mexico defeats the Confederacy at the Battle of Ciudad Acuna.

August 17th: The Confederate Army enters New Mexico. Battle of Lincoln County begins.

August 20th: The United States counter-attacks in New Mexico. This is a failure.

August 17th - September 2nd: The Battle of Tucson. The Confederate army undergoes a heavy defeat to the Yankees.

August 20th: The Yankees occupy Oshawa, Canada, after the short Battle of Toronto.

August 22nd: The Confederacy declares war on Austria-Hungary.

August 23rd: Japan declares war on Germany.

August 25th: Japan declares war on the United States

August 26th: Russia invades Kaliningrad, part of Germany.

August 23rd - August 25th: Battle of Los Angeles. The Confederacy defeats Yankee forces.

August 26th - August 27th: Battle of Clarington. Canadian and British forces retreat.

August 26th - September 11th: Battle of Corbin. Confederate forces capture Corbin, Kentuky.

August 27th - November 7th: British forces capture Lingen, a German city near the German-Dutch border.

August 28th: The British Royal Navy wins the Battle of St. Pierre.

August 29th - August 30th: Battle of Peterborough, on the Canadian Front. Allies retreat from lower Ontario.

August 30th: Yankee naval forces invade and occupy Confederate Samoa.

September 3rd - September 11th : Confederate defeat at the First Battle of El Paso.

September 5th - September 12th: First Battle of Perth. Yankee advance on Ontario is halted.

September 7th - September 14th: First Battle of Jamestown. The Confederacy withdraws from southern Kentucky with heavy casualties.

September 8th - September 17th: Second Confederate attempt at invading Mexico fails.

September 11th - September 21st: British forces begin the Munster Offensive into Germany.

September 28th: Battle of Bellville ends with a substantial draw. The "Race Between the Lakes" begins, as both sides on the Canadian Front rush to build trench fortifications between Lake Ontario and Lake Hudson along the front line.

September 17th: The Siege of Amarrillo begins.

September 28th - October 10th: The United States attacks and captures Winnipeg, Canada.

September 29th - September 31st: Battle of Oklahoma City begins between the USA and the CSA.

October 16th - October 31st: British and Canadian forces win the Battle of the Thunder Bay. Allies remain in control of Lake Superior.

October 29th: Turkey enters the war on Germany's side.