Alternative History

Turning Point[]

On April 1 at 09:22, a plane filled with American officials arrive on London, they carry with themselves important documents and information related to the American contributions to the war effort.

At 13:27, after having a lunch with authorities from another Allied powers they reveal the precare situation their country has suddenly felt in and that the provisory government of the United States, which was organized in the past week, had no conditions of keeping manpower for military operations in Europe neither to contribute with great amounts of material when their nation needed all of it's resources for the ongoing reconstruction of the areas affected by the disaster.

At 17:09'11, the Allies bitterly broadcast in their radios the sorrowful words given by Tom Leight, a U.S. diplomat from Kentucky, which would echo through time as a chant of despair:

Today, April's first of Ninety Eighteen, we sorrowfully bring you these terrible news:

Major floods caused great destruction and millions of deaths in the U.S. states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and the district of Washington.

Among the casualties are the President and the Secretary of War alongside many of their fellow congressman.

In spite of the tragedy America is no longer able to take part in the battle against the enemies of freedom and justice.

Is with great regret that I inform American soldiers and their allies that our nation is quitting this war in order to better dedicate itself to the victims of the tragedy that stroke on our people.

I count on the acceptance of everyone and I reinstate our hopes in the victory of the brave and just.


Western Front[]

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