Alternative History

Imagine a world where science has become the brainchild of demons and people are scared senseless of any sort of rational thinking that defied the teachings of the alt-Church.  It all began when Charles Darwin was heavily prosecuted by major influential politicians, following his publication of On the Origin of the Species late November 1859.  Since then, all who supported evolution were convicted of spreading immoral and satanic views.  Even the more developed and democratic countries, like the United States had become, started to regress to primitive policies where religion dictated government.  People feared questioning the religions imposed onto them and the majority of the world looked down upon science as a whole.  New technologies we have today never even were considered possible as advancements in scientific fields began to dwindle.  Medical treatments and electronic devices did not increase as much as it did in the Original Timeline due to the fact that people feared any type of scientific research would contradict the almighty God and reap the consequences of the zealous governments.

Major Events[]

Point of Divergence[]

In London on the 13th of January in 1860 began the trials that incriminated Charles Darwin.  The outcome was so horrendous that it influenced the world not to dispute any alt-Christian, -Jewish or -Islamic preachings.

Christianity Dements[]

The "Christianity" mentioned on this timeline has been twisted and changed from the original (our) Christianity.  Governments in the ATL have been making religion mandatory and have been teaching a new morphed form of religion that discourages any sort of science.  This is not meant to offend Chrisitians.  Just imagine if people kept using the same name for their religion, but used it for more discriminating and fundamentalist purposes.  These (fictitious) people will be referenced as alt-Christians (the same goes with any other religions, actually) even though they called themselves Christians.

Science is Challenged[]

  • Gregor Mendel's proposition of inheritance was treated as complete nonsense.  It was deemed that organism's appearances were constructed by God at conception where he took bits of the parents' souls (along with other ancestors') and combined them together to create an infant soul that would eventually develop into a new person with similar appearances to his or her relatives.
  • Linneaus's taxomony was considered impractical, because he grouped humans with other groups of monkeys.  Aristotle's scala naturae became the standard and publications using Linneaus's binomial nomenclature were given severe fines.
  • In 1872, supporters of Lamarkism were hanged in Switzerland, because Swiss officials believed only God could change a species and that this rarely occurred because all of His species were perfect and the ecosystem was balanced.  Only wickedness was considered to destroy or mutate organisms.
  • Medical universities in the United States teach that genetic disorders that run in the family to be the result of illegitimate unions, that occurred between some ancestor at some point of time.  It is believed to result from a contamination of souls during such sinful acts and couples are discouraged from having children if similar diseases run in their plagued families.
  • In the early 20th century, Oswald Avery was given 10 years imprisonment for claiming that DNA was the source of heredity.  The prosecutors decided that his experiments were filled with lies and that Avery must have been part of a satanic cult.
  • In 1925, the Scopes Monkey Trial's result favored creationism and the United States education began implementing biblical accounts as a universal basis of study.  Separation of Church and State was deemed unconstitutional under the grounds that freedom of religion did not extend to criminal activity associated with evolutionism.
  • Strict laws are given on experimentation of animals and data collected through the use of animal experimentation is discouraged from the remaining scientific community (which truly is religious in technicality).
  • Genocide of World War II does not occur since the Aryan Race cannot be believed as better than any other race (since inheritance has to do with souls instead of DNA).  Instead, Hitler blames not the Jews, but the scientists for their hardship.  Concentration camps are filled with scientists instead.  Albert Einstein becomes a mathematics teacher and never moves to America.  His intellect goes to waste as he never reveals his scientific views with society.  He is driven mad as a consequence.
  • Watson and Crick never discovered chromosomes or the structure of DNA in 1953.  Scientists were too fearful to test the genetic inheritance of man, so the race to understand DNA never occurred.
  • The alt-Catholic Church rewrites Genesis, claiming it as a newly discovered scripture that eluded mankind for nearly two thousand years, which purportedly provides the answers to any confusion of the original Book of Genesis.  The New Genesis evidently has information that completely "disproves" any possibility of the Big Bang or "any other faithless accusations against the Creation of Life".
  • The United States never makes it to the moon, because it is believed that Earth is the only habitat fit for man.  To escape the planet is believed to result in the penetration of heavens.  It is seemed either the outcome would be 100% deadly if it was even possible (most doubt it is).  No human ever dares venture into outer space, for it is consider as trespassing on God's Kingdom.
  • Late 20th century supporters of evolution claimed that natural selection due to sexual reproduction was the root of adaptions.  However, alt-Church officials deemed that their ideas were blinded by luscious thought.  It is believed that the idea of reproduction being used to change species was an excuse for people to follow their sexual temptations.  The alt-Catholic Church claims that healthy children can only be produced by Faith in God and that sex alone cannot advance a species.
  • It is decided that Chemistry is not composed of atoms because each object is considered to be made up of certain materials that define its structure.  For human beings, the soul is considered one of these materials.  Chemists fail miserably at every other attempt to explain or calculate the molecular level of the universe.

Scientists Don't Even Understand[]

There are those who rebel and try to tell the world that they have to begin to learn, study and experiment.  However the governments are putting strict rules in place to distort the education of minors.  Freedom of religion is changing; in fact, very few people are allowed to believe differently than what their country tells them.  The belief is that any type of "satanic" science is wrong and that alt-religious teachings have all of the knowledge they will ever need to know.  Even doctors and medical researchers fear to "tamper" to far with science.  Those who do end up believing in inaccurate science since there are not many experiments to back up their new ideas.

  • Evolutionists begin to believe that species can adapt and change very quickly and that reproduction "drives" all of this.  They believe that DNA combines to create new shapes which make new species.  Scientists are banned from studying many things under the microscope, so they never fully understand how heredity works.
  • Evolutionists believe that the more that people reproduce, the more likely a new "healthier" race will arise, better adapted to the environment.  Therefore, they vindicate sex as not a sin.
  • Most scientists begin think that natural selection occurs to weed out weaker species and that killing other species will enhance their own.  They believe a new species will replace the old; this time branching off from humans, the "successors".
  • Scientists that do rebel have twisted views (nearly as twisted as alt-religious people do) and think that people should act upon their natural instincts and urges because there "must" be some "reasoning" to them.  Murder, rape, and theft is conceived by rebels as acceptable under certain conditions.
  • Evolutionists attack many places of worship, in revenge for the many scientists that are being prosecuted.
  • Small groups of countries try to declare independence from the harsh new governments and because of such, harsh wars break out.
  • Bacteria and viruses are known to be the oldest of lifeforms, but it is not known how necessary they are to life.
  • Scientists never theorize the Big Bang, but instead believe that materials extend categorically from one another, advancing more complex and eventually bringing life to the world.
  • Evolutionism and extremism begin to fuse and many scientists think that the purpose of life does not exist.
  • An extreme form of atheism-a mirror image of alt-religion-becomes the intellectual standard for the scientific community.
  • Those who try to reconcile religion and science are attacked as traitors by both sides, and face death threats from all around.

The First Contact with this World[]

On December 11,2379 the Enterprise-E chanced upon this alternate Earth. Jean Luc Picard was tempted to use weapons to vaporize the major religious centers but this would be mass murder and violation of the Prime Directive.