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Latin America

After a series of US supported military regimes that appeared in the 1960s and 1970s, Latin America had undergone a democratization process. The last dictatorship ended in 1989 in Argentina.

Commonly there is a supposed trend toward leftist governments, but they are actually too diverse to it to be considered a trend. Usually left means radically opposing the USA, while right means close to the USA. In this account, current (2007) regimes can be classified from left to right as following:

Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica.

United States of America

The United States of America is composed by 54 states. At the POD the USA had 48 states. After the POD the following states were admited:

State USPS Admission Capital
Alaska AK 1959-01-03 Anchorage
Hawaii HI 1959-08-21 Honolulu
Cuba CU 1986-03-13 Havana
Puerto Rico PR 1986-11-08 San Juan
Columbia DC 1993-06-15 Washington
Guam, Samoa and Marianas GS 2001-10-20 Hagåtña


Europe is divided in three economical integration blocks: the European Economical Community (EEC), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and the Free European Commonwealth (FEC).

The FEC is composed by many former Warsaw Pact members, lead by Russia. Yugoslavia and Switzerland are the largest countries not associated to any economical integration blocks.

Former Soviet Union

The Baltic Republics fought a nasty war of independence in 1995–98, which, among other internal factors, lead to the disintegration of the Soviet Union by November 1998.

The Baltic Republics where integrated into the EFTA by 2003, while Russia, Bielarussia, Ukraine, and Moldova, formed the Free European Commonwealth, together with Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria; rapidly adopting a series of capitalistic reforms similar to OTL China.

The Caucasus ended in a series of civil wars, and had not joined any economical integration block. A similar situation is happening in Central Asia.

Middle East and Islamic World