Alternative History
Xinnoranda Kokka
State of Xinnoranda
Official Language Japanese
Secondary Languages Various aboriginal languages
Emperor Tôfito
Quampaku ??
Currency Xinnorandan momme

Xinnoranda, literally New Holland, is a continent south of Asia, and the nation which occupies most of it. It is a member of the Federation of Japanese States. An alternate name, now obsolete, is Nankoku (南國), literally South Land. Xinran (新蘭) is a common abbreviation.


Xinnoranda was first discovered by the Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon, who named it New Holland, in 1606. The continent was claimed by Japan in the early 18th century, initially made a single province. The southeastern part was split off as a separate colony, later to become the state of New Israel.

Today, Xinnoranda is a federation of several Japanese provinces and 1 aboriginal tribal federation.


Xinnoranda's currency is the (New) Momme, subdivided into 100 rin. It was established after a financial crisis in the 20th century lead to massive inflation. At the same time, the currency was decimalized according to the old system of 1 momme = 10 fun = 100 rin.


  • 5 rin
  • 10 rin (fun)
  • 20 rin
  • 50 rin
  • 1 momme
  • 2 momme
  • 5 momme


  • 10 momme
  • 20 momme
  • 50 momme
  • 100 momme