Alternative History
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POD - 1943: 18th of April[]

Yamamoto listens to the worries of local commanders and does not board his transport aircraft, instead finishing his tour on-board a navy vessel. This causes the American attack to be a failure, and the Allies believe that the Japanese may be aware of the hacking of their codes. This results in a series of events that culminate in Japan surrendering without the use of the A-Bomb, Yamamoto becoming leader of Japan, and the USSR never gaining a foothold in Southeast Asia.

Main content[]

Differences from OTL[]


  • Atomic Bombs are far less prominent due to Japanese advances in laser technology.
  • Space becomes militarized, with space weaponry prominent.
  • Lunar bases are established.
  • Computers developed by the 1980s.
  • Nuclear propulsion is never developed.
  • Hydrogen becomes the primary fuel of the world.

Political Differences[]

  • Great Britain's empire falls by the 1960s.
  • The USSR never collapses.
  • Japan becomes a superpower.
  • The American power is not as large as it is in this timeline.
  • Vietnam and China never become communist.

Cultural differences[]

  • Japanese culture is dominant in Southeast Asia.
  • The American culture never becomes dominant worldwide.
  • The USSR never occupied East Germany.