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Hello and welcome to the portal page of the Yellowstone: 1936 ATL. 

This timeline explores what happens when the Supervolcano Yellowstone erupts, ending life and civilization as we knew it. 

This will become a "live" timeline once nations are completely fleshed out and the background is completely set. This will mean it will unfold NOW - in the present.

This is a collaborative timeline. Anyone wishing to edit should state so on the talkpage and when making articles have the Under Construction template on the article. This is of paramount importance.



Our point of divergence is in 1936. The world is in a Depression, Fascism is on the rise. Dust storms are making life hard for so many of those pioneers who migrated westward in the search of new lands and a new beginning. Hitler begins to rearm his nation, the Japanese begin to threaten the Chinese border. People don't think it can get any worse. They were wrong...

They did not know that under North America, pressures had begun to rise once more as the lava chambers began to become overly active once more. The ground began to shake, earthquakes began to be set off. Geologists flocked to the site and at once knew what was going to happen.  What would happen next would change the way people lived their lives and altering what would have happened to the planet.

A few days later, on the 18th of July, Yellowstone would erupt. In its wake, it would leave an aftermath of destruction and death but also of opportunity and chances.

More to come.

Recent Developments

This is all to do with the construction of the Community TL.

16th April: So, its been a while. Basically, all of the cronies' articles will not be up for grabs. The list to come soon. Join up folks, tho remember which articles are canon eh? Once you have claimed an article, take it off this list. And your list:

30th January: As other users have highlighted, the timeline is very contradictory. To fix this, a new rule is established that all pages may only be able to work up to 1976. No exceptions. If there is information until the present day on nation pages, then either it will be removed or hidden and this will allow for a manageable base to be established so a realistic target can be met before we enter the so-called technological boom. As well as this, I am giving control of Central Asian articles to Fed. All senior admins of the timeline can "rent out" regions under their overall control to make their lives easier or to get those who can do a better job in a certain region. However, the candidate has to be suitable. ~Imp

29th January: A very late happy new year to all the contributors of Yellowstone. Seeing the slowing speed of development of the timeline, steps will be taken to bring the community timeline up to spec. For this, regions of administration are going to be announced. For the Pacific and North America, Crim and Ms are in collective control. For South America, Feud is in control. For Asia I am while for Africa, that goes to Local. The responsibility is to govern the articles created in the admin zones to make sure it is to a suitable standard. All of the YSC will be answerable to me to make sure we do not get lockdown in progress. Thank you and enjoy editing. ~Imp

15th December: Work is continuing at a good pace as the map of Russia is changed and more state come into being. Details regarding the Pacific War will need to be looked over once more following the highlighting of the problems with that aspect by Pita. On that note we would like to welcome long-time editor Pita to the Yellowstone: 1936 collective TL. We hope the timeline continues tp grow and that we get a few more canon articles soon to expand on the current lore. ~Imp

2nd December: After a brief various with the timeline for all of us, we are back in business. More articles have been made Canon and discussions regarding major aspects such as the Pacific War and the Great Exodus are on going in an effort to smooth out timeline problems. There is still large areas which need new contributors to establish small states and we hope to see Fed joining us. ~Imp

17th November: Problems with Russia have now been extremely worked out and the timeline should be able to resume at a good pace. However, two well established users have left the timeline. We wish them good luck and hope they one day return to the timeline. A map of Britannia will be up soon too. ~Imp

16th November: Wow, two in one day. Seeing all these problems with the timeline emerge - Imp has a proposal. Instead of trying to work up to modern day for now, we cut our losses and put the TL date at 1973. Not only will this make page development easier, it will allow for users to create smaller states which would have otherwise never existed due to the fact they will be swallowed up. Discussion on talk page. ~Imp

16th November: The next Canon articles are close to being graduated. We are also delighted to be growing at such a good rate currently and we continue to hope the good work goes on. There is now canon in place with The Great Chaos a recommended guide for beginners. All problems should be highlighted on the main talk page. Thank you! ~Imp

9th November: Work on the major articles such as the Great Chaos and the Great Exodus are scheduled to begin for today and tomorrow. I would also like to express extreme pride in the growth of this timeline. Keep at it. ~Imp

8th November: Please add all your ideas for the general timeline to the this talk page so it can be discussed and agreed upon. Then we can easily write the overview timeline and eventually the full timeline from that framework. Mscoree (talk)

7th November: Created the first draft for the navbox template. I'm open for suggestions on the color and links. This template should be added to the bottom of all Yellowstone pages. Mscoree (talk)

6th November: Work on the Climate page for the timeline has now been laid down and although it will be added upon, it is sufficiently complete to be used a basis to write about the climate and base your nation's climate on it. Another heading should be added soon! ~Imp


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