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The Yemeni Civil War (known to the South Yemeni as the War of Reunification) was a war starting in 1979 until 1982 between South Yemen (People's Democratic Republic of South Yemen) and North Yemen (Yemen Arab Republic). It ended with success for the South, which installed an extension of its own government in the North.

Leading up to the War[]

While both nations agreed to unify in 1972, neither side was prepared to concede power to the others ideology. This came to a head in 1979, when the Arab League led a failed attempt to bring both sides to the table again. The South had declared war on the North, which itself was building up for.

Aftermath of the War[]

While both sides were equal at the start of the war, and neither side pushing into the other's territory; the South with support from the Soviet Union and Communist China nudged into the North's territory in 1980 and reached the Capital Sana'a in 1981 with much of the rest of the country already under Southern Control. The Republican Government surrendered in early 1982. United Yemen (People's Democratic Republic of United Yemen) was established, essentially an extension of the South's Government from their capital Aden.

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