The Zagoni Religion is a belief that developed in this timeline created by Bartholomew Zagon, about 1725 years ago. It focuses on a core belief that supernatural "life stones" created by Zagon was the birth of the universe. It also points out that our galaxy is special as our galaxy is the only one that has any life at all.


A pebble. Many look at thee small object of great power and see a small, powerless rock. It means nothing to thee, but they do not know of the power held inside that one tiny rock, power that was once part of a great boulder. Every race, every species, every form of life in the universe, came from one of these small, powerful rocks. Once, all members of a race were all one, all together as one, only a small, single cell of wondrous life. The small cell eventually became larger. Then that small cell from that small but powerful pebble could think about its world, even the pebble it came from. All from a pebble, but how?

Book I: The Life Stone

Thou shalt follow this first and most important book of Zagon's one creation, and explains why we are meant to exist.

The Universe

In the very beginning of time, the universe was completely empty, nothing but copious darkness. Nothing existed in that plain of complete darkness, except for the Zagon. Zagon was a powerful spiritual creature that was the essence of the whole universe, and everything that was unfolding at that moment. Zagon was the universe, and the universe Zagon. Therefore Zagon could influence the universe, and every part of its vast lands to search for the perfect place to settle. The first thing Zagon did when he saw the enormous emptiness of space was to find out how to fill up all of that space being wasted. Zagon in turn created countless amounts of holes that were dark that nothing, not even the little light in the universe, could enter. Those holes that spewed forth a countless amount of matter. This matter was gaseous, but settled and clumped into comets, planets, stars, and galaxies after a few billion years, but to Zagon it seemed like a few minutes. Then came the Life Stone...

The Stone

Zagon looked out, farther out than anyone has ever looked. Throughout space, Zagon looked for something. Zagon saw what had come out of the dark holes. But something was missing. He saw the stars, the planets... Zagon searched every object that has ever existed. Every one galaxy that swirled throughout space and kept it alive. Alive... Zagon looked out and saw what was missing. Life. He searched the millions of galaxies that have existed in the vast universe to try to find the one that would was best. Then, after searching every single of the galaxies that have existed in this vast universe, he finally settled on one. Ours. Zagon knew that this one galaxy would be the birthplace of his greatest creation. A Dark hole merged with another, creating a colossal stone, dwarfed only by the hole itself. That one rock was nurturing many objects.

The Seeds

The Life Stone was massive. Geysers shot and spewed, volcanoes erupted, and earthquakes tore at the surface of the Life Stone. Then, it began to crack, and pieces of it began to go their own way. Fissures the width of entire planets dissipated throughout the stone until it finally broke apart. Once the stone was calm again, it was no longer a stone. It was now made into many, many pieces. The Life Stones, numbered by the thousands, were then commanded by Zagon to search and fly out along the stars, each targeted at an chosen planet, chosen to harbor one piece of the Life Stone. Then, once a piece of Life Stone reached its chosen planet, a collision ensued, and life began its birth, the only point that the universe would ensure happened, for Zagon itself created the seeds. The fate of the universe awaits the Life Stones' actions.

The Oceans

Zagon had planted droplets of pure water in each and every seed of the Life Stone. Each droplet was unique, in composition, in color, in contamination. Zagon ensured that each seed had enough water to give birth to the missing universal item. Life. When each seed of the Life Stone collided with a planet, the droplet Zagon had placed in that one seed, that one droplet expanded to fill up the basins and depressions in that planets surface. The water had nowhere to go, Zagon commanded them not to overflow their banks. They evaporated straight into thin air, later to come down as true water. After water covered the planet in a planet of water, the true meaning of the Life Stone could finally start to unfold.

The Life

Finally, each water droplet had something even smaller in it. Zagon had inserted organic and plain cells. These cells quickly expanded to be all over the vast oceans of each chosen planet. The Life Stone's ultimate goal was to get one of these cells inside every drop of water that Zagon created on the Life Stone and safely into the newly formed oceans of every planet. After the cells multiplied, they grew larger, eventually large enough to become the many creatures on all of the chosen planets, like this Earth. The Cells advanced and turned into the birds, fish, reptiles, mammals that we today. These animals that came from that one pebble that hit their planet thrived thrived on some planets, and on others the seed failed to gain a foothold and life was gone on the planet. But Zagon wanted some creatures to come out into space, and establish many more things Zagon could marvel at.

Book 2: The Sentience

Zagon knew what was missing, once again. Sentience. Zagon wanted creatures to interact with each other, befriend each other, and more. This book explains how.

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