Note: This timeline is similar in concept to No FDR and has the same POD. However, the outcome it produces is quite different.

February 15, 1933

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FDR was giving a speech in Bayfront Park in the city of Miami, Florida where Zangara was living, working the occasional odd job, and living off of his savings. Zangara took a .32 caliber pistol, purchased at a local pawn shop, and joined the crowd. However, being only five feet tall, he was unable to see over other people and had to stand on a wobbly, folding, metal chair, peering over the hat of Lilian Cross, a doctor's wife, to get a clear aim at his target. After the first shot, Mrs. Cross and others grabbed his arm and he fired five more shots wildly. Six people were hit, including Chicago mayor Anton Cermak, who was sitting next to FDR. Initially it was believed Roosevelt had escaped injury. En route to the hospital, Cermak had allegedly told FDR, "I'm glad it was me and not you, Mr. President". However, it soon became clear that Roosevelt, too, had been hit by the bullet. The delayed time it took for the wound to be discovered led eventually to the President-elect's death. Roosevelt quickly succumbed to the wound, which was in his chest (the initial bleeding had been obscured by his clothing and only now became apparent) within minutes of arriving at the hospital and lapsed into a coma. Doctors were unable to prevent his death, which occurred on February 23, two weeks before his scheduled inauguration on March 4.

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