Zapotec Kingdom
Altepetl Zapoteca
Late 700s B.C. – ??? A.D.
Capital Danibaan
Languages Zapotec
Religion Anahuac Polytheism
Government Absolute Monarchy
Historical Era Classical Era
 •  First evidence of organized statehood. Late 700s B.C.
 •  Disestablished  ??? A.D.

The Zapotec Kingdom was one of the major states within the Anahuac region and was the dominant power since its foundation to about the third century A.D. following the rise of the Totonac Dynasty and subsequent other powers like the Mayans. The Zapotec refined many of the cultural and scientific advancements of the Olmecs, who they had defeated and forced into a tributary relationship. The Zapotec writing system was developed off of the Olmec model but improved on it in many ways, becoming a standard that most other Anahuac cultures would follow except for the Mayans. This also was true in terms of political organization, religious practice, and cultural advancement.




The Totonacs


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