Zastava Arms
Former type Corporation
Founded 1997
Headquarters Skopje, Macedonia
Industry Arms
Product Handguns, Machine guns, Assault rifles, Tanks, IFV
Divisions Zastava Handguns, Zastava Automatic, Zastava Armored


Zastava Arms was originally founded in 1853 and had its headquarters in Kragujevac, Serbia, but after the collapse Yugoslavia in the early 1980's, a majority of the surviving corporation's leaders escaped to Macedonia, where no city had been hit, the remnant that remained in Serbia soon came under government control in the country. When the Kingdom of Macedonia was established in 1991, the corporation's former head was appointed by the new president, Kiro Gligorov, as the Secretary of Manufacturing and Production. He helped build the Macedonian economic infrastructure to a stable level and the result was that by the late 1990's a majority of factories in Macedonia had been reopened. After, the president was voted out in 1996, the Zastava Arms Corporation was re-established and now based in Skopje. They produced many old Yugoslav weapons, including the M-70 assault rifles and the M-72 machine gun.

In 1997, however, the Zastava Arms Corporation was needed more than ever. The Macedonian Civil War broke out in January 1997, and the government signed a massive contract with the newly recreated Zastava to produce assault rifles and machine guns. The Macedonian Army was armed by Zastava all throughout the war, but this wasn't always a good thing. On March 6, 1998, four Zastava factories in the north were temporarily put out of commission when bombs exploded in the factory's centers. But by April, they had all been repaired and arms continued to roll of their lines and help win the Civil War for the government. The government awarded the head of Zastava Arms by awarding the company the contract to produce the first post-Doomsday tank in Macedonia. The contract's down payment was used to fund the creation of Zastava Armored, a division in the company to produce tanks and IFV's.

The first of the new model T-55, based on ones found in the old army barracks in Skopje, rolled off the line, and were immediately put into use by the army. As time progressed, more tanks were produced, and with the introduction of foreign military suppliers like Turkey and Brazil, the Macedonian company had to find a new way to stay on top.

Zastava Handguns

Zastava Handguns became a division of the corporation with its founding in 1997, and currently manufactures the Zastava 70, the Zastava P25, and currently finished designing the Zastava M88 and the Zastava CZ 99. The M88 is used by the military, while the CZ 99 is preferred for the Macedonian Police Force. 

Zastava Automatic

Zastava Automatic was founded in 1998 out of Zastava's designers who designed assault rifles and automatic weapons rifles before they fled to Macedonia. They currently produce the Zastava M70, M76, and the M84, all of which are used solely for the armed forces of Macedonia.

Zastava Armored

Zastava Armored was founded in 2000 to supply the Macedonian Army with an effective armored force, and by 2001, they had begun producing the T-55 MBT. But in 2005, the T-72 replaced the T-55 as the MBT of the Macedonian Army. And one year later in 2006, the Zastava Arms Corporation had finished its most extensive project, the production of the M-84 Main Battle Tank. Based on designs from pre-Doomsday Yugoslavia, the new tank gave Macedonia a new advantage against its enemies. Meanwhile, around the time the T-55 was put into production, so was the M-80 IFV and APC to give Macedonian infantry its own armored advantage.

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