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Someone's Zodiac sign is perhaps the most important information one could have of a person. Their Zodiac sign determines how one reacts to the world and what powers (or as the Ancients called it, magic) one has/can perform. Oftentimes, the first question that a man asks a women or vice versa is her/his sign

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Sign Dates Symbol Powers Elemental Control Appearance Personality
Aries March 21 - April 20 The Ram Has super-human strength Fire Appearance is commonly very strongly built. Often stubborn to the point of being obsessed.
Taurus April 21 - May 20 The Bull Has super-human strength Earth Often looks slightly less strongly built the Aries. Is often calm to the point of being seen as uncaring yet when provoked unspeakably violent.
Gemini May 21 - June 20 The Twins Is able to deceive people very easily and able to read minds. Fire Often looks slightly hawkish and very mischievous looking. Is deceptive and often plays with words and tends be a bit foolish but is loyal to friends.
Cancer 21st June-22nd July The Crab Is able to influence emotions. Able to breath underwater. Water Is often shortish and very crafty looking yet completely trustable. Is very empathetic and hates the plight of anyone whom is suffering whether it be an ally or a foe.
Leo July 23- August 22 The Lion Is extremely strong, out matching any Aries or Taurus. Earth Is often very royal looking and extremely strongly built and looks as though authority just drips off him. Is authoritative yet tends to rule with a velvet fist and is harsh yet fair.
Virgo August 23 - September 22 The Virgin Is able to manipulate emotions much more then Cancer. Able to see through most lies. Electricity Often beautiful and petite. Many would describe a Virgo as eye candy and even some of the most doubtful that love exist must think twice upon seeing a Virgo. Is often knowing of their great beauty and acts upon their beauty frequently, yet rarely do they abuse their gifts and is often helpful to someone truly in need. Also they're are highly emotional.
Libra September 23-October 23 The Scales Is able to read minds and able to affect someone's mind heavily if they are weak in mind. Water Often described as being tall and slightly hawkish looking yet they look as though they know everything wrong that you've ever done. Very judgmental, yet fair in their judgments and will always try their best to make sure justice is preserved and defended.
Scorpio October 24- November 21 The Scorpion Has super-human strength. Able to see the future and able to read people's emotions. Fire Often described as being very mysterious looking, and as though they know more they what they are leading on (which is commonly true) yet able to be trusted. Very mysterious and always plans things four or five steps ahead of what it seems like they are doing and rarely are their true intentions ever revealed.
Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 The Centaur Has super-human speed and accuracy. Air Described as being trust-worthy looking and as though they'll never betray a secret. Very noble and puts honor above all. Finds dishonorable people distasteful and will never betray a secret.

December 22- December 30

January 2- January 19

The Sea-Goat Is able to breath underwater. Has super-human agility and strength. Water Described as often being crafty looking and often looks as though they are able to push through a mountain by sheer will. Very stubborn and will never give up on a task until completed, will dispose of any-one in their way.
Human December 31-January 1 none They are more creative and tend to think out of the box most then any of the Zodiac signs. none Average human being and highly variable. Variable yet are always highly creative.
Aquarius January 20- February 18 The Water Carrier Has the ability to heal any living thing. Water Described as being very strong and seems as though they would do anything to defend what they love. Very protective and is always trying to create harmony, which is rarely ever achieved.
Pisces February 19- March 20 The Fish Is able to breath underwater and is able to swim at incredible speeds. Also able to communicate with fish. Water Described as often a bit fish looking and as though they always wished they were somewhere else. Loving of the water and always wishes to be in the water, most preferably the ocean. Otherwise they are pretty socially awkward, much like a fish out of water.